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Save Your Model Train Tracks with Rail-Zip 2

August 29th, 2014
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Although we are primarily known for the wide range of adhesive products we offer, Super Glue products are also popular among hobbyists who have other needs. For instance, our Rail-Zip 2 is among the must-have items any model train enthusiast keeps on hand. For those with a passion for miniature railways, this product is a concentrated track cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. Common problems like arcing and sparking are a thing of the past when you use this easily applied treatment.

As many model rail enthusiasts have noted, Rail-Zip 2 keeps your trains running smoothly after applying just a few drops to the rail lines. It never leaves a residue like some other, similar products. Just use it as part of your regular cleaning routine for optimal conductivity for your trains. It can also be used for other applications, such as the contact points on fuses, spark plugs, and other electrical systems. This makes Rail-Zip 2 a handy piece of garage equipment. If you are meticulous in the way you care for your car or motorcycle, this product might just be your favorite new part of your regular maintenance routine.

Super Glue Corporation Family Fun at Knott’s Berry Farm!

August 25th, 2014
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Over 400 Super Glue Corporation and Pacer Technology employees and family members were treated to a family picnic and all-day passes at Knott’s Berry Farm last weekend!  It was a blast!  Peanuts characters showed up … faces were painted … and a delicious buffet dinner was served at the Lagoon picnic area.  The rollercoasters, shows, and family fun inside the park was enjoyed by one and all!

We are fortunate to have the most loyal and amazing employees!  Customer care is our #1 priority and all of our employees are outstanding at providing extraordinary service … it is great fun to get together with extended family every year!

What a team!  Thanks to management for the wonderful day!!


A Super Glue Repair Worth £17,000

August 14th, 2014
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[Image: Mirror]

The vase pictured above recently went for £17,000 at auction in Cardiff, England. It was also broken into six pieces not long before that. So how did this item fetch such a high price after literally being shattered? Why, Super Glue, of course.

That’s right. The seller of this beautiful vase – which depicts Charles Emmanuel III, King of Sardinia, circa 1730 – repaired it using Super Glue and sold it at auction for almost $35,000. The auctioneers initially thought the piece would go for much less, starting the bidding at a mere £200. They thought that the damage would turn potential buyers off, but apparently that patch job with Super Glue really did the trick.

Okay, that may be a bit of an overstatement. Although the repairs using Super Glue look pretty good from here, the buyer actually plans to have the vase further restored. After that, he plans to make back his investment and more when he sells it to a collector. Still, we’d like to think that some of that £17,000 was for Super Glue.

Foam Mounting Tape Creates Perfect Baby Shower Party Favors

August 6th, 2014
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[Video: LiveLoveScrap]

Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Tape is the perfect way to add volume to your crafts projects. In the video above, we see yet another great way to make your projects pop using Foam Mounting Tape. In fact, the volume added by our Foam Mounting Tape takes these baby shower party favors to the next level.

To replicate these castle-shaped boxes – perfect for a princess-themed baby shower – you’ll need to have some decorative paper, special paper punches and dies, and tools for scoring the paper. There are also decorative accent pieces, like pink pearls and lace. The Foam Mounting Tape comes in at the end, to give the crown inside the castle gate a 3D look. It’s a great finishing touch, and so easy after all the work constructing the castles and boxes. We think they make a fun and memorable party favor for any baby shower, and would probably be great for a kid’s birthday too!

Super Glue Listed Among Motorcycle Shop Essentials

August 5th, 2014
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8-5-2014 11-27-33 AM

[Photo Credit: Wikipedia]

In a recent article by Motorcyclist, the online magazine for two-wheel enthusiasts put together a list of essential chemicals to keep in your shop. The list was designed for mechanics and motorcycle owners, outlining the chemicals they need for routine maintenance and light repair work. Among the products on the list were Super Glue and Thread Lock. In fact, the list suggests keeping a variety of adhesives on hand. This includes silicone adhesives and five-minute epoxies, as well as our Original Super Glue for bodywork fractures. All of which we offer in our Pro Seal and The Original Super Glue product lines!

The article recommends stocking both Permanent and Removable Thread Lock on hand, to be used for sealing, locking, and preventing hardware from vibrating loose. The other chemicals on the list include degreasers, anti-seize, grease, lubricants, and penetrants. Having these items handy will make quick fixes and maintenance a cinch. And, you can find all the suggested adhesives anywhere Original Super Glue products are sold.