Bondini Remover: Trusted by Guitar Techs

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[Photo Credit: K & K Sound]

Our Bondini line of adhesives is meant for recreational and sports use, pretty much for any surface that may be dirty or oily. But these products are also great for craft projects similar to the example we found below. Even though the author is doing some custom guitar work – not really an arts and crafts project – the application and removal of glue is like any other project involving wood and plastic/metal.

“When I installed the two good sensors in a different guitar, the results were problematic. The low ‘E’ string amplified a little stronger than the other five strings, and I needed an extreme bass cut to achieve an adequately balanced tone. I decided to remove the sensors again, but this time I tried a different super glue debonder. I used something called Bondini remover gel (from True Value Hardware) which comes in a tiny bottle with a brush applicator. I applied the gel around the edges of the sensor, then found it very easy to work a razor under the sensors and work the sensors free.”


This is exactly the kind of application Bondini Brush-On Remover Gel was made for. It goes on quickly and easily. This guitar hobbyist found it to be a step up over similar products and, if you’re serious about removing glued parts without damaging them, you will too.


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