DIY Elastic Hair Ties Made Easy with Super Glue

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[Photo Credit: Local 8 WVLT]

If you have daughters, or just follow the latest fashion trends yourself, then you know that the popularity of elastic hair ties is on the rise. And while these fashion accessories may not exactly bust your budget, you can still save money and have a little fun by making them yourself. Just when you thought your teenage daughter was too old for arts and crafts, these DIY elastic hair ties present the perfect opportunity to do a little bonding while you craft your very own hair accessories.

Knoxville, Tennessee’s Local 8 news station has all the steps in their Pinspiration section. First, you can pick up some elastic ribbon online or at your local craft store. Each yard will yield about four hair ties, and buying the fabric allows you to make your ties unique. Using our Super Glue Single-Use Minis, you can keep the fabric from running. Just cut a six-inch strip of ribbon, tie the ends, and apply a dab of Super Glue. It’s that easy. Local 8 also has suggestions for storing the ties, such as using an old paper towel roll covered in decorative wrapping paper. And we think they make a great party favor idea, too.

Give this craft a try and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you in our comments section.


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