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A Great Gift for Grads

May 28th, 2014
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[Photo Credit: Sometimes Creative]

Looking for a unique gift idea for your grad? There are a lot of great ideas out there, most of which involve creative ways to slip the grad some cash (never a bad way to go). But, while everyone appreciates the allure of cold hard cash, sometimes the occasion demands something a little more personal, especially if the grad in question is a close relation. You want a gift that is personal and meaningful, and nothing conveys that better than handcrafting and personal memories. The letter collage pictured above delivers on both counts.

These wooden letters can be found at most hobby stores. The one pictured above is about a foot tall, giving ample room to create a collage. You can print your pictures on regular printer paper in black and white to replicate the look displayed above. Use our Front Porch Treasures Glue Tape to hold it all together, and you have a one-of-a-kind gift for your grad to cherish. To make the gift most appropriate for the occasion, use the letters of your grad’s alma mater and use pictures from her time in school. It’s sure to mean more than money alone.

See Z-7 Debonder in Action

May 19th, 2014
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In the video above, we see Z-7 Debonder working in real time to break the tough bond that Super Glue provides. Although this video was uploaded five years ago, it still provides some handy tips for hobbyists around the world (and the tip is use Z-7 Debonder to disassemble Super Glued models). Impressively, this hobbyist is able to take apart a small plastic figurine in less than two minutes using our Debonder, even though the glued parts of the model had somewhat deep joints (for a miniature).

As the video notes, Debonder is ideal for these types of jobs. However, it can damage some plastics, so be sure to test it first. It is also perfectly safe to use on skin, just in case you accidentally glue your fingers together while working on your models. The thickened formula of Debonder means it won’t run easily on surfaces, allowing you to apply it just where you need it. As demonstrated in the video, you can sand or file away the excess adhesive once the bond has been broken. On skin, just use your fingernail to pull up the residual Super Glue once the Debonder has done its job.

Happy Mother’s Day from Super Glue

May 13th, 2014
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Now that Mother’s Day has passed, you may think the time for crafting the prefect Mother’s Day gift is gone too. On the contrary, now is the perfect time to record all of your Mother’s Day memories in a scrapbook. If you are like many people – including the majority of social media users, as far as we could tell – then you took plenty of excellent photos of you with your mom on her special day. Putting those photos in a scrapbook is the perfect way to turn those fleeting digital images into something tangible.

You can get most of your scrapbooking supplies at your local crafts store. But to really add depth and dimension to your scrapbook, make sure to place all of your photos and accent pieces using our Front Porch Treasures Extra Thick Foam Mounting Squares. Our friend Frank of Frank’s Prima ArtVenture recommends them to all of his students at his scrapbooking workshops.

If you really want to impress your mom, add to your Mother’s Day scrapbook with pictures of the two of you throughout the year, then give it to her next Mother’s Day. After all, your mom deserves to be on your mind more than just one day a year; why not show her?

Practical Science with Super Glue, Presented by National Geographic

May 5th, 2014
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National Geographic Kids – I Didn’t Know That About Super Glue

It’s always fun to see Super Glue products put to the test, especially in a safe, controlled environment. We recently came across this video from National Geographic, and boy does it fit the bill. Industrial scientists Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips use some industrial strength double-sided tape – not totally unlike our Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Squares, although much stronger – to suspend themselves over a kiddie pool. Watch the video above to see how long the adhesive held up, as well as for a brief history of cyanoacrylate, that wonderful substance we’ve built our business on.