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Getting Started: Tools for Drones, RC Airplanes, & Helicopters

April 28th, 2014
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There is so much in the news about drones and all of the different uses for them, from warfare to home delivery of packages, today.  As with many “new concepts” this is actually just a new twist or extension of something hobbyists around the world have been involved with for decades.  Remote Control (RC) Airplanes, Cars, and Helicopters have an entire industry and cult following that hobbyists have participated in building, flying, and competing in enthusiastically over many, many years.  Super Glue Corporation has been working with these hobbyists, and collaborating along side of them, developing highly technical super glues, epoxies, threadlockers and a wide range of other adhesives specifically for their purposes, since the beginning.

Zap adhesives, specifically ZAP Threadlockers and ZAP CAs (cyanoacrylates or super glues) are two longstanding favorites of these hobbyists.  We also have foam safe products, super glues and kickers, that work great on foam based models.

Here is a terrific video for anyone interested in getting started with building Drones, RC Airplanes & Helicopters:

 [Video Credit:  The Basic RC Helicopter Build Tools Tutorial]

Who knows?  Once you get started with the RC airplane or helicopter hobby you may find yourself on track and well-prepared for a whole new career as drones really start taking off!!  Knowing the best adhesive products to have handy, like the maker of this video does, will set you apart as an expert!

Fun Recycled Bookmarks are a Cinch with Glue Tape

April 23rd, 2014
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Super Glue Tape Recycled Bookmarks

[Photo and Article Credit: Crafting a Green World]

Our Front Porch Treasures line is the go-to place for all your crafting adhesive needs. This week, we came across a fun craft that can help inspire your kids to read more and is good for the planet (we also think it’s a great activity for adults, particularly those who love comic books). Building your own recycled bookmarks is easy, fun, and allows you to have a lot of bookmarks on hand without spending upwards of $5 apiece on these essential reading aids at the local bookstore.

These DIY bookmarks can be made using an old comic book or your other favorite text, a reusable source of cardstock (like a cereal box), and our Front Porch Treasures Glue Tape Dispenser. You can find old comic books featuring your favorite characters at most comic book stores for under a dollar. These particular issues are never collector’s items and the stories are usually cheesy, but they still feature most of the superheroes and villains we love today.

Once you have your comics or other texts in hand, you’ll need to create a template. Just cut a piece of cardboard into a 2”x6” rectangle and use it to trace out the comic for your bookmark. You can round the edges if you like. Use the same template to cut your cardstock, then use the Glue Tape to adhere the comic strip to the cardstock. You can put comic strips on both sides of your new bookmark if you like. If you want to add a tassel, just punch a small hole near the top of the bookmark and double knot the tassel there. It should be about twice as long as the bookmark itself.

This green activity is fun for adults and kids alike. You can make lots of these handy crafts to keep your place in all your favorite texts. And they’re a great way to show off your favorite comic book heroes.

Super Glue, Spaghetti, and Model Engineering

April 14th, 2014
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Super Glue Spaghetti Engineering Models

[Photo and Article Credit: Australian Broadcasting Corporation]

We came across this story from the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia and thought it was a novel twist on the use of Super Glue for model making. Engineering students participating in the university’s annual spaghetti bridge competition were given a challenging task: create the strongest platform possible using nothing but spaghetti, Super Glue, string, and a small aluminum ballast plate. The results were pretty creative.

Civil engineer Robert Kleijn, pictured above, said, “The super glue weakens the spaghetti so you use as little as possible.” We know that the product was never designed to bond food stuffs, so we’re inclined to take his word for it. Still, this seems like one of the most creative models you can build with Super Glue. The spaghetti can be cut to any length and arranged in any pattern you can dream of. Tie it together with string at strategic points to provide tension, and you have a new bridge or Ferris wheel for the kids to play with.

The structures built by these future engineers had to hold five kilograms, but we think your kids will have just as much fun with less sturdy construction projects. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Easy and Fun Bunny Craft for Kids

April 8th, 2014
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Easter Foam Mounting Dots

Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner. And whether or not your family will be celebrating the holiday, this bunny craft is sure to be a big hit with your little ones. All you need is our Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Dots, a white plastic cup, pink and white foam, white pipe cleaners, googly eyes, a marker, and scissors. It’s the ideal activity for toddlers, although you will need to handle the scissors and marker. We recommend using the Foam Mounting Squares instead of glue; they’re safe for kids and there’s no chance of spilling.

Cut the foam pieces for the ears and nose, and trim the pipe cleaners to the desired length. Then, let the kids have fun affixing the pieces using the Foam Mounting Squares. Draw the mouth on, and you’re all set. These fun decorative pieces can be displayed anywhere you like, and the kids can have plenty of fun playing with them. The ingredients are all safe, so even your youngest kids can get in on the fun. We want to wish you a happy Easter and a wonderful spring season.

[Photo Credit:]

Super Glue Wood Varnish in Action

April 2nd, 2014
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In our last entry, we shared an easy way to give your wood a high-gloss shine and durable finish: Super Glue. Then we came across this video, which shows the technique in action on a lovely wooden pen. The crafter in the video uses a lathe and folded paper towel to apply each coat of Super Glue, successively sanding down the finish after each coat dries using 800-grit dry sandpaper. The use of the lathe makes the application and sanding processes a cinch. We think you could do even better (and save on paper towel waste) using our Future Glue Brush-On applicator. A liberal application of glue, in three successive coats, creates a one-of-a-kind shine for this hobbyist.

If you have tried this novel use for Super Glue, we want to hear from you. What kind of results have you seen with this revolutionary varnish?