Super Glue Makes a Great Varnish

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Super Glue Varnish Super Glue Varnish Table


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In addition to joining virtually any material together, Super Glue makes a world-class wood varnish. In fact, in many ways it exceeds the properties of regular wood varnishes. To use Super Glue as a wood varnish, just apply a liberal amount to the surface of the wood and spread it evenly using a flat piece of plastic. We have heard that one of those promotional credit cards that you often get in the mail works great for this purpose. Once the glue is evenly applied, it’s just a matter of waiting for it to set.

The advantages of using Super Glue over traditional wood varnish are significant. First, Super Glue doesn’t lead to grain raise, a swelling of the wood that occurs with varnish. If you’ve ever applied varnish to wood, you know the amount of time spent sanding and reapplying varnish over and over again, since the varnish causes the wood to swell and makes the surface uneven. But with Super Glue, the set is so fast that this swelling never occurs. One coat and a light sanding is usually all you need.

Another advantage is the rock hard nature of Super Glue. Using it instead of varnish actually allows you to turn soft woods, like redwood, into hard, shiny surfaces. After applying a coat, your wood will look and feel like a polished hardwood.

Because of the volume of glue needed, this isn’t the best way to handle large projects like a wooden deck. But for small projects, Super Glue beats regular wood varnish hands down.




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