Super Glue Eyeglass Repair Tips from the MythBusters

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Have you ever had to fix a pair of sunglasses on the fly? We recently came across an interview with Adam and Jamie from MythBusters, where the dynamic duo of do-it-yourself shared some of their tips for using Super Glue. Jamie offered this anecdote about repairing Adam’s eyeglasses while on a shoot:

Once, when we were on a MythBusters shoot, Adam broke his black horn-rims at the bridge. Even a CA [cyanoacrylate/Super Glue] is not real strong on small surfaces, so I made a sort of fiberglass. I took a piece of cotton cloth, wrapped it around the joint, and let the glue soak in and kick. I colored the cloth with a black Sharpie, and Adam was back at work in 5 minutes. – []

Combining Super Glue with cotton to create a makeshift fiberglass patch is a genius way to increase the surface area, and therefore the strength, of the adhesive. However, be careful not to get Super Glue on the lens. The glue cannot be removed from the lens without ruining them. The bridge of your glasses may be too small for a permanent bond to be created, but Jamie’s quick fix solves the problem perfectly, Have you ever tried this unique solution to a common repair problem?


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