Shattered Porcelain is No Match for The Original Super Glue

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Super Glue Toilet Fix Super Glue Toilet Fix 2

[Photo Credit: Tony D.]

A broken toilet tank lid can be difficult to replace, especially if you have an older model fixture. So what do you do if you drop the lid, say on your tile floor? Just reach for The Original Super Glue, of course. Continuing its reputation as one of the most versatile adhesives on the market, Super Glue was able to put the pieces back together (and keep them there) after this unfortunate bathroom mishap.

From Tony D. in West Covina:

While doing some plumbing work we accidentally dropped the toilet tank lid. Lucky for us, it only broke in three pieces. Before we were going to make a run to Home Depot, we reached for the Super Glue. It set so fast, we didn’t even have to use a clamp. The cracks are still there, but the lid is solid.

With the quick set and firm hold, a broken piece of porcelain is an easy fix for Super Glue. To fix the appearance of visible cracks, we suggest using our White Porcelain Repair. Just sand off the excess glue along the cracks and apply the White Porcelain Repair evenly. It dries white, meaning you shouldn’t even be able to see the cracks when you’re done.


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