A Felt Tree + HandiTAK = Easy Holiday Fun for the Kids

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Looking for a great Christmas decorating idea that the kids can get in on? We recently came across this blog from a mom that wanted to give her toddler a chance to decorate so he wouldn’t “fiddle” with the real tree. The result is a fun crafts project that children of any age are sure to enjoy.

These felt trees are available at retailers like Target for $10.00 and come with everything pictured above. The felt pieces come perforated, so your little ones can punch out the decorations themselves. The only thing that isn’t included is the adhesive to mount the tree and attach the decorations.




That’s where our HandiTAK reusable adhesive comes in. Regular tape isn’t strong enough to hold up the tree, and double-sided foam adhesives can be difficult and messy to remove. But HandiTAK creates a secure bond that comes off cleanly when the holidays are over. And since HandiTAK is reusable, your kids can arrange and rearrange the decorations as much as they want, making this an activity they can enjoy over and over again.

How will you and your little ones be decorating this Christmas? Please feel free to share your holiday craft ideas in the comments section below. And remember, we’re always interested in hearing about all the ways you use Super Glue products.


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