Super Glue for Stained Glass Repair

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During the holidays, houses of worship from all religious backgrounds will be full of people. Many of these visitors will be fortunate enough to take in the beauty of decorative stained glass. So when we came across this handy do-it-yourself fix for cracks in stained glass, we thought it couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. Although repairing broken stained glass usually takes a master hand, virtually anyone can patch a simple crack.

First, you will need ink that matches the color of the cracked glass. In a mixing bowl, pour a small amount of baking soda and a couple drops of ink. Mix it together until you have something that matches the color of the glass, adding more ink if necessary. Now apply the Super Glue. Squeeze a small amount along the crack on either side of the glass. Before the glue dries, spoon on your ink mixture and spread it along the crack. The ink and Super Glue should mix together.

Wipe off the excess mixture with a damp towel. Super Glue dries quickly, so you’ll have to move fast. You can use a razor blade to further smooth out the glue/ink mixture along the crack. Let it dry overnight and you’ll have a near-seamless piece of stained glass to adorn your home or place of worship this holiday season.


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