Super Glue Detective

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The Original Super Glue can be used to bond so many materials – aluminum, ceramic, china, rubber, pottery, wood – that we often forget that it also has some pretty novel uses as well. In our search to discover all the ways that people use our products, we came across this handy how-to video, which revisits an old tactic from “Beverly Hills Cop.” As it turns out, you really can check for fingerprints using Super Glue (although the technique used in the video is a little more complicated than the way Eddie Murphy did it).

If you’re interested in playing amateur detective (a fun activity for children and adults alike), all you need is some Super Glue, a small tray made from aluminum foil, a candle warmer, a cup of water, a container just big enough to hold these items (such as a cardboard box) and the piece being checked for prints. If you are checking for prints on a large object like a door, you can tape the box around the test area.   Place the aluminum foil tray on top of the heater, with the glass of water right next to it. Place the test item in the opposite corner, with the print surface facing toward the heater. Then, place a large drop of Super Glue in the tray and seal the box. Keep the box in a well-ventilated area. The cyanoacrylate in the glue should, when heated, react with the chemicals in the fingerprints. This should take about ten minutes. When the prints are developed, you can photograph or scan them.

And there you have it: yet another use for Super Glue. Have fun getting your Axel Foley on.


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