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Super Glue Detective

October 31st, 2013
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The Original Super Glue can be used to bond so many materials – aluminum, ceramic, china, rubber, pottery, wood – that we often forget that it also has some pretty novel uses as well. In our search to discover all the ways that people use our products, we came across this handy how-to video, which revisits an old tactic from “Beverly Hills Cop.” As it turns out, you really can check for fingerprints using Super Glue (although the technique used in the video is a little more complicated than the way Eddie Murphy did it).

If you’re interested in playing amateur detective (a fun activity for children and adults alike), all you need is some Super Glue, a small tray made from aluminum foil, a candle warmer, a cup of water, a container just big enough to hold these items (such as a cardboard box) and the piece being checked for prints. If you are checking for prints on a large object like a door, you can tape the box around the test area.   Place the aluminum foil tray on top of the heater, with the glass of water right next to it. Place the test item in the opposite corner, with the print surface facing toward the heater. Then, place a large drop of Super Glue in the tray and seal the box. Keep the box in a well-ventilated area. The cyanoacrylate in the glue should, when heated, react with the chemicals in the fingerprints. This should take about ten minutes. When the prints are developed, you can photograph or scan them.

And there you have it: yet another use for Super Glue. Have fun getting your Axel Foley on.

Quick and Easy Surfboard Repair Using Super Glue

October 28th, 2013
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[Photo Credit:]

Super Glue holds strong, lasts long, and dries fast, so it’s no wonder that we’re always finding new ways to use it. Despite the number of ding repair kits on the market, it seems that surfers often use Super Glue to repair minor damage to their beloved boards.

One message board at Surfer Magazine offered some illuminating advice for sealing small cracks on the surface of the board. According to the message board, a few dabs of Super Glue on spider cracks or small dings can provide a water-tight seal that keeps your board from turning yellow and getting water-logged.

For an extra-tight seal, one user recommended heating the affected area and applying the Super Glue while it cools (the cooling draws the glue into the cracks). Our Super Glue is made to sand smooth without becoming brittle, making it an ideal sealant for small cracks and dings. If you surf and have tried this method of repair, let us know how it worked for you.

Super Glue: “The Household Fix All!”

October 26th, 2013
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[Photo Credit:  via George Crill]

Some of our best product use ideas come directly from satisfied customers.  George C., from Kalamazoo, MI, sent us this photo of a “porcelain bamboo vase which was broken into a couple dozen pieces and put back together with super glue gel.”  George suggests using super glue “sparingly, it doesn’t take much to achieve a strong bond with household items.”  We agree!!

George also tells us he “used the gel to bond fabric to leather on shoes; repaired a CFL light bulb to its aluminum base with glass adhesive as well as multiple [other] glass items; and once repaired an engine fuel injector & oxygen sensor with super glue gel.”  Additionally, he connected an engine gasket to a water pump with Pro-Seal.  George added,  “One of the most delicate repairs was a glass figurine repaired and attached to its metal base.   I could think of a 1,001 repairs that can be made with the variety of super glue products available.”

Wow, we appreciate that feedback, George!   THANKS for sharing your story with us!  It made our day!   And now,  let’s give George the last word:  “One thing I always have on hand is Super Glue which has become a household fix all!  It hasn’t failed me yet.”  🙂




Add Zap-A-Gap to your Fly Fishing Maintenance Kit

October 25th, 2013
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zap-2[Photo Credits:  FlyFishingUSA]

Fly Fishing is both a sport and an art!  It is important to always be prepared for whatever emergency situation might arise.  A “Traveling Angler’s Maintenance Kit” is a great idea that came to us via The FlyFishing Shop Insider Newsletter … Here’s what they suggest carrying along in the kit:

Zap-A-Gap Super Glue

A screw driver set that fits all screws on your reels

Extra tip-tops that fit your rods

Fly Line Cleaner

We know what it takes to trek out to a great fly fishing location, whether it’s a freshwater or saltwater destination, and we agree that a Fly Fishing Maintenance Kit is a terrific idea.  Who knows?  You may even find that Zap-A-Gap comes in handy as a sealer for the superficial scrapes, cuts and blisters that may be a result of landing the Big Catch as well!!

Happy Fishing!



E-Z Fuse Tape “The product with 1,000 uses!”

October 8th, 2013
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One of Super Glue Corporation’s newest products, E-Z Fuse Tape, is getting rave reviews from consumers and not one of them is raving about using it for the same purpose!  We should call it:  “The product with 1,000 uses!”

E-Z-Fuse-Tape-246x30E-Z Fuse Tape is easy to use, leaves no residue when removed, yet the bond is permanent, waterproof, airtight, non-conductive, insulating and resists weathering, salt water and UV Rays!  It is UL Listed and member tested and recommended by Handyman Club of America.  It comes in red, black and white so you can have it blend in or stand out as desired!

One satisfied customer sent us this picture with the statement “E-Z Fuse Tape working hard modifying and strengthening the grips on my home gym”:


 [Photo Credit via D. Bringhurst]

So there you have it one more use for “The Product with 1,000 uses!” 

Go Get It!!!  Let us know how YOU use E-Z Fuse Tape and you may win free sample products!













Caution with a Creative Twist

October 8th, 2013
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Here’s a creative, cautionary video for kids (we liked it because it mentions super glue and a nice follower brought it to our attention) … The real message is to “Be Safe Around Trains – A message from Metro”, but who knew? 😉  Check it out:

[Video Credit:  Dumb Ways To Die]