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Model Making: From Dream to Reality

July 25th, 2013
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architectural[Photo Credit:  DesignBoom via Pinterest]

This amazing architectural model from Renzo Piano workshop for the Whitney Museum of Art is just one example of how models are used to transform dreams into reality.

Communication is tough and model making is often used to help people visualize concepts and designs prior to building.  Seeing really is believing!  Architects often use models to show clients exactly how the finished product will look down to some of the most intricate details.

Many of our customers are model makers, both professionally and as hobbyists.  We’ve heard from many architects who write in to tell us how well our epoxies and super glues work for building prototypes and models which effectively communicate design concepts and ideas to customers.   It’s a pleasure to work with people who share our passion for “Adhering to Excellence”!

Recycling for the Birds!!

July 25th, 2013
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Forthebirds2-219x300[Photo Credit:  VeryHeatherly Blog]

Is recycling for the birds?  Absolutely not!!  However, in this case, it may well be for the birds!  🙂

We love recycling!  Consumers tell us repairing, reusing, and recycling are some of the main uses of our products!

This clever idea showed up on Pinterest and we think it is great!!  A broken, Kate Spade, china plate was repaired and then super glued — (we love that verb!!)  to a vase from the dollar store to create a beautiful bird feeder.  What a wonderful addition to a summer garden and a treat for the birds as well!!

Go directly to the VeryHeatherly Blog for step-by-step details on how to make this bird feeder!

Send us your stories on how you use super glue products to recycle and you may win free products!!

Clever Placecard/Picture Holders That ROCK!

July 22nd, 2013
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[Photo Credits:  Cynthia Shaffer]

We love these rockin’ placecard/picture holders!!  Easy to make using rocks, black tacks, twistable wire and super glue!!

For more details check out Cynthia Shaffer’s blog post!  FUN and FUNCTIONAL!!

Rare Comics Used to Create Paper Mache Sculpture!

July 18th, 2013
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It’s Comic Con Week in southern CA (San Diego) and what a fun, freaky frenzy of a show it is with all of the passionate comic related people out in full force!

Films, Comic Books, Games …. There is definitely something for everyone as new comic-related ideas are showcased and new bonds and relationships are formed.  The stories coming out of the adventure are what keep us interested. [That, and the fact that many animated film makers and wargamers tell us they use lots of our super glue to do their creative thing!!]  Here’s a great one for ya’:

One creative sculptor decided to get in on the spirit of Comic Con by creating a Paper Mache Sculpture … Notice how colorful and festive the creation made out of chicken wire, paper mache and comic books is ….

rare-comic-sculpture-1-243x300[Photo Credit:  Geekologie Blog]

There’s just one slight problem, according to Geekologie Blog, the comic books that sculptor Andrew Vickers used for his sculpture were RARE comic books!!!  Yes, RARE, as in “$30,000 worth of vintage comic books”!!  According to the blog, “Having found them in a dumpster, Andrew just assumed they weren’t worth anything … on discovering the valuable  comics glued to the chicken wire frame comic book store owner, Steve Eyre, said: ‘First of all I thought Fantastic, as visually, it is a beautiful thing, but then I walked round it … certainly on the inside right leg, there was a cover of Avengers number one … that is worth well over 10,000 pounds!’ … ”  Upon further inspection Steve Eyre found other valuable, rare comic books glued onto the sculpture totalling over $30,000! 

The sculptor, true to his art, did not find the news disheartening … The money didn’t matter … He liked his sculpture … However, the comic book store owner had a different feeling about it … According to the blog, he said people should “make paper mache sculptures out of the funny pages the way God intended”!  Perhaps a lesson learned or not!  🙂

Which would you prefer … the rare comic book staying in its original form or being transformed into art through this sculpture?? 

Send us your thoughts and you may win some free super glue!  Reference:  Comic Book Original or Art – My Thoughts!