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Using Threadlocker? Here’s A Tip!

December 17th, 2012
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[Photo Credit:  2BrothersHobby ]

Ok, so sometimes the simplest tips are THE BEST!  Check this one out from 2BrothersHobby!  They recommend using Pacer’s Z-42 Threadlocker to secure these bolts and screws on their Hansa-Brandenburg ARF seaplane! 

And here’s their terrific, product-saving tip:

“I found it easiest to put a few drops of Thread Locker on an inverted plastic cup so I could dip each fastener in turn, instead of continuously reaching for the bottle and possibly applying too much.”

How great is that?!  The best tips for product use come directly from our consumers!

If you have a great tip for using one of our products let us hear from you and you may win free products!

Science Fair Project Idea: Contact Cement vs. Substrates

December 17th, 2012
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Hey, Science Fair Enthusiasts! Check out this great video. It shows you just how easy it is to test for strength of glues. Imagine using this system to do some product comparisons between The Original Super Glue (R) Contact Cement and some of our competitors, or maybe you would prefer to compare the strength of contact cements against other types of glues like cyanoacrylates (super glue), white glues, and epoxies.

We will warn you though — most often it is the substrate (wood, plastic, metal) that fails before the adhesive (at least our brands of adhesives)!! Just like in this video:

[Video Credit:  2012–06-17 Bridge Tests 003 Contact Cement]

Inspired?  Let us know what you find out through your experimentation and your project could be showcased in our newsletter or you may win free products!  Tell us your story!

ZAP A GAP for Go Bags!

December 17th, 2012
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Zap-A-Gap is a terrific super glue product.  Model-makers and woodworkers love it for bonding and mending.  It dries quickly and has amazing strength. 

Go Bags are disaster preparedness kits and this terrific video explains why Zap-A-Gap is “mission essential gear” for you to have in your Go Bag or even as an addition to your first aid kit … Great idea!!!  Thanks for the shout-out Opsgear(R). 

[Video Credit:  OPSGEAR(R) Product Overview]

Lego Storage Transforms into Wall Art!!

December 13th, 2012
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 [Photo Credit:  365 Days of Pinterest Creations blog via Shelley Huff on Pinterest


 We love this awesome lego storage idea we saw on Pinterest!! 

Clever mom blogger, Kirsty Colquhoun, author of 365 Days of Pinterest Creations blog, tells us she originally got the wall art idea from Felix on Mi Muller, but Kirsty takes the next big step and shows us how to make them! 

First, purchase the 2×2 lego blocks and then, using super glue,  mount them to frames purchased at Ikea!  How easy is that??  Almost instantly your mini figures have permanent homes brilliantly displayed prominently as wall art AND the best part is the figures can still be removed any time they are needed for play!!  (Be sure to check out all of the details for construction on 365 Days of Pinterest Creations blog.)

Clever, Clever … we are impressed!  Great idea and cool art, too!!