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On A Budget? Make Your Own Gifts This Holiday Season!

November 23rd, 2012
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We suggest you make this a very special, yet economical, holiday season!!  Here’s a creative gift idea that can be filled and customized!  They are very inexpensive to make yet will bring great  joy and pleasure to people of all ages on your gift giving list this year.  Check this out:

[PHOTO CREDIT:  – Design Sponge Blog:  Brenna’s Book Page Fabric]

HANDMADE ENVELOPES CONTAINING A CUSTOMIZED TREASURE:  This fun book page fabric envelope was made by coating the front and back of the newsprint (or book page) using silicone sealant!!  Amazing – Check out the details on the Design Sponge Blog – Imagine filling this envelope with precious photographs of kids and grandkids for grandma and grandpa; personalized note or postcards for the teenagers on your list; coupons for “lunch on me” or “four hours of free babysitting” for your friends; or even a few crisp dollar bills for the kids on your list to have some cash of their own to spend on the after holiday sales!  We think these are terrific!! 

You can also make holiday gifts by adapting these do-it-yourself ideas we’ve blogged about in the past:   snow globes, tiered trays, custom glassware, nuts and bolts organizers, button picture frames, or even practical gift baskets!   We have lots more ideas … check out our long list of DIY and Crafts postings, scroll down on the right hand side at our Super Glue Corporation blog home, to get yourself thinking … we know you can do it! 

Oh, and if you come up with a new, clever, handmade gift idea and you make it using one of our many products let us know and you may win some free samples!! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Super Glue Corporation and Pacer Technology!!


Kintsugi – The Art of Mending

November 15th, 2012
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The Japenese way of mending pottery and china pieces becomes an artform of its own.  This video describes Kintsugi, the art of mending using resin and gold paint, to create even more beautiful pieces of art!  What an incredible process and beautiful “repair”!

[Video Credit:  Listening To Leaves blog]

Check Mate! This Tree Chess Board Rocks!

November 15th, 2012
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[PHOTO CREDIT:  Tree – vs – Robot Sean Corr – Artist]





We stumbled across this amazing hand-made chess board on-line and were blown away by the creativity and talent involved with making it.  Wow!!  It ROCKS (or shall we say It TREES ;))… Such attention to detail and brilliant craftsmanship! 

Once we studied the directions for how the chess pieces were made we were delighted to find that the artist, Sean Corr, described using our very own ZAP-A-GAP product to attach the moss to the wire “branches” to create the trees!  Find the description on the Tree – vs – Robot blog.

 Thanks for the shoutout, Sean!  Bravo for your outstanding work!

Halloween Treats by Creative Super Glue Corp Team

November 13th, 2012
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Whenever I tell someone I work for Super Glue Corporation they almost always reply, “HOW FUN!” and I say, “YEP, IT IS” 🙂

Super Glue products are fun; the people who use them are fun and even our employees are fun! … Super Glue Corporation employees enjoy being creative!  This was very evident at our “Spooky Potluck 2012”!  Check out these pics!!