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HandiTak User Review – Hang Posters with No Damage to Walls!

August 28th, 2012
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[Video Credit:  Expo TV]

This is a great review for our product, Handi-Tak!  A great replacement for pushpins, tacks and nails; you can adhere posters and pictures to any surfaces without damage.  Simply knead the Handi-Tak into a ball so that it gets tacky and poof! it sticks anywhere.  It has great holding power!  Great for dorm rooms, offices, apartments and any place you want to hang things and still be able to remove them whenever you want without having to repair the wall.

How Do I Prepare for Hurricane Isaac, Earthquakes & More?

August 28th, 2012
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“Be Informed, Make A Plan, Build A Kit and Get Involved”  is the way to prepare for natural disasters according to the Ready.Gov website.  Great advice!

It is hard to predict what you will need in times when natural disasters strike, but we can learn from previous disasters and others who have gone through these things before us.  Here are some important lessons using these 4 general categories:

BE INFORMED:  Staying informed and up-to-date is very important, however, sometimes traditional sources of information like the internet, television, radio and telephones go out during a natural disaster.  Hand crank, emergency and solar powered radios come in very handy in emergencies.  Neighborhood watch groups and other community networking solutions are also important to have in place BEFORE an emergency arises. 

MAKE A PLAN:  Will you evacuate during an emergency or will you plan to stay where you are?  What are the risks involved with both of these choices?  Thinking about this ahead of time will prepare family members and help you make decisions based on well thought out options rather than emotions at the time of a disaster.  It will also help you know what supplies and how much you need to have on hand — will you be needing gas or water and food?  Having appropriate insurance in place based on the types of natural disasters that historically occur in your region of the country is also important.  Discussing the possibility of natural disasters, and knowing ahead of time what your plans would be in an emergency, helps reunite family members who might be away when a natural disaster strikes. It is reassuring to have thought things through ahead of when a natural disaster strikes. 

BUILD A KIT:  Having a food, water, and supplies kit on hand is very important.  You should have enough bottled water and non-perishable food on hand to last for 72 hours.   A supplies kit consisting of a sharp knife, duct tape, super glue (good for repairs and to seal wounds), batteries, flashlights, first aid kits, a wrench, pliers, scissors, whistles, cellphone chargers, cellphone car chargers, and anything else you think your family might need to survive on your own for 3 days will ensure you are prepared. 

GET INVOLVED:  Volunteer to be a part of your community’s emergency response team or take a CPR or first aid course so that you are ready to help in an emergency.  Contact your community and state emergency management agency and get involved.  Being a part of the solution is always better than being a part of the problem!

Our hopes and prayers are with the people in the path of Hurricane Isaac today!

Science Fair Project Ideas

August 23rd, 2012
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Hey, Students!  As you begin brainstorming your science fair project ideas be sure to think about how you might incorporate The Original Super Glue brand products into your plans!  We are always interested in helping budding scientists reach for their dreams, AND our product development team is always interested in new and unique ways our products are being used.

Some project ideas, like this Soda Bottle Magnetometer used to “monitor changes in the Earth’s magnetic field for signs of magnetic storms”  just use super glue to build the project’s monitoring device whereas other project ideas may be about the actual super glue itself (such as comparing the holding power of super glue or epoxies to other adhesives).  Either way — we want to help you out!

If you need super glue products to use for a science project simply send us your request for “Science Fair Project Super Glue Products” along with your name,  and the products you need (supplies may be limited), and we will send you some sample products.  If you’ve used our products in a science fair project before, and have a picture, or description, of the how the products were used, send us that as well and we may use your story in our blog (and send you some sample products).

Happy Experimenting!!

Back To School!

August 23rd, 2012
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It’s “Back To School” time and who, we ask, doesn’t get excited about a new box of crayons?

This art idea from Pinterest makes a new box of crayons even more exciting!!  All it takes is a canvas, a box of crayons, some super glue, a blow drier and poof!  You have a new piece of art for that classroom wall, child’s bedroom or even dorm room!

So very clever!

Don’t forget to look for The Original Super Glue(R) brand products when you are buying school supplies this year.  Our glue sticks are awesome!  We also have some great foam dots, squares, and tape that work great for bulletin boards and school projects, and if you need to glue things to foam core board be sure to use our special foam glue products!

Have a great new school year, Everyone!!