Going For Gold!! 10 Ways Olympic Athletes May Use Super Glue!

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Summer_Olympics_gold_medal [Photo Credit: Olympic Gold Medal Image via Wikipedia]

Summer 2012 and the London Olympics are finally here!  YAY!  We are so proud of our Olympic Athletes – Go TEAM USA!!

We’ll be watching every step of the way!  Oh, and hey, we have some gold winning advice for you athletes!  Super Glue might be your best friend in your quest for the gold — we hope the teams are packing a tube or two!  Here’s why:

10 Ways Olympic Athletes May Use Super Glue 

1.  ARCHERY:  Super Glue is often used for attaching the fletching (feathers) to the shaft (arrow).   Fletching is used to “keep the tail end of the arrow following the point” according to Sandhillsarchers which is a mighty important part of hitting that bullseye! 

2.  CYCLING:  In a pinch a little bit of super glue applied around, and in, a bicycle tire cut or puncture and you are good to keep going, according to About.com and many of our Super Glue Corporation cycling customers as well.  Too much training goes into these games to miss the start because of a minor cut or tear in an olympic cyclists’ bike tires … just sayin’ … don’t get stuck without some handy CA nearby!

3.  EQUESTRIAN:  Farriers (specialists in horse’s hoof care) often recommend applying super glue on split hooves until they are able to grow out and mend on their own!  No doubt, olympians and their horses are in tip-top shape for the olympics, but just in case a nasty split occurs right before an event a little dab of super glue might just save the day!

4.  GYMNASTICS:  Gymnasts who swing from the parallel and uneven bars build up amazing calluses on their hands as they train, and most likely all know that a little super glue can provide quick relief from a sore or bleeding callus.  “Super Glue works great on callus rips and tears” according to GymnasticsZone.  

5.  TENNIS:  Tennis players become very attached to their favorite racquets and there is no need to toss them out just because of a loose or worn grip.  It only takes seconds and a couple of drops of super glue to replace an old, tired grip with a fresh new one.  Mademan shows you exactly how to do it in several easy steps, but tennis playing olympians and their coaches know this as well!

6.  CANOE:  Canoe paddlers can get calluses on their hands just like gymnasts so carrying along a little super glue provides some big time pain relief until the healing process sets in. But treating calluses isn’t the only use a paddler might have for super glue – super glue can also be used to quickly repair a split in the actual paddle itself!  Epoxies can also be used for paddle repair, but super glue dries quicker and works just as well in an emergency.

7. TABLE TENNIS:  An Olympic sport since 1988, table tennis (or ping pong) is played on a regulation sized table with a net, using a racket (also referred to as a bat or paddle) – consisting of a blade (the wooden portion) and a grip.  Super glue can be used to repair either the blade or the grip in quick order! 

8.  SHOOTING:  “Super Glue was originally discovered in 1942 in a search for materials to make clear plastic gun sights for war,”  as stated on our Super Glue Corporation website, however the sticky substance didn’t turn out to be ideal for that purpose.  Olympic athletes have and do use super glue in the sport in the following ways:   Olympic shooters most likely started out gaining their skills at a very young age and may have made their own targets using super glue;  additionally, Super Glue can also be used to mend hairline cracks on a rifle or shotgun stock.  

9.  HOCKEY:  The roughest, toughest sport of all … those hockey pucks and hockey sticks are always flying into players’ faces and mouths.  Having some super glue along to quickly mend that facial cut, or even temporarily bond that chipped tooth is extremely helpful.  Super Glue can also reinforce wood splits in that favorite hockey stick in seconds!

10. SAILING:  There are lots of uses for super glue on the sailing vessels used in the Olympics.  One terrific use for super glue is to mend frayed rope ends or even sails that are starting to fray.  The reinforcement is super strong and the repairs can be made very quickly.  Sailors, of course, count on super glue for relief from calluses and rope burns as well!

So there you have it … 10 ways Olympic Athletes may use super glue.  If we had more time we could come up with ways super glue is handy to have along for EVERY sport, however, we really need to get back to the television coverage …. GO TEAM USA!!  We are GLUED to watching you all GO FOR THE GOLD!!!


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  1. Avatar for Super Glue Corporation Dom says:

    Slight misunderstanding here, hockey as an Olympic sport does not involve pucks or violence as standard. It’s not ice hockey, but just plain old hockey.

    Played with balls and on grass, nary a punch up in sight.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Dom & most of all, thanks for reading!!

  3. Avatar for Super Glue Corporation William says:

    I make Roaries using nylon cord and if you use super glue on the cord ends they don’t fray and it makes them stiff which makes it much easer to thread the nots. I also use a drop on the not that hold the cross so it dose not fray or come loose. I Love it. They recomend using clear nail polish but it takes forever to dry and it does not make it near stiff as the Super Glue. Thanks William J. Civiello

  4. Great information! Thank you!