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Deer Handle Walking Canes!

March 13th, 2012
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[Photo Credit:  Luke Hornsby – “Custom Walking Canes” Available on ETSY] 

 Our customers are THE BEST!  We recently received this story from our customer, Luke Hornsby.  He wrote in to tell us about how he uses our product Z-Poxy to make these clever deer handle walking canes!

Here’s what he told us:  “I started making canes about 4 years ago after having both knees replaced, in a short time I had made about 35, then a problem no matter what I would use for glue it would loosen after a short time.  I then went to epoxy that I could get in the hardware store but! if you didn’t get it mixed exactly right it wouldn’t harden.  I then found Z-Poxy online and it is great.  I have not had one thing soft[en] or come loose.”

We’re glad Z-Poxy worked well for you, Luke!  Thanks for sharing your story with us and congratulations on your clever idea for custom walking sticks!















Fishing “Tech Tip” Using Zap-A-Gap

March 13th, 2012
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[Video Credit:  Catch Multimedia:  GillznFinz Television]

Handyman Club of America Gives Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval

March 13th, 2012
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[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation]

We just learned that our E-Z Fuse Tape has received a 96% approval rating from the Handyman Club of America. E-Z Fuse Tape will be featured in the April/May issue of the Handy Magazine and has earned the Handyman Club of America Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval. 

 Handyman Club members are not paid to try out products and only some of the products tested get high enough scores to receive the Handyman Seal of Approval.  E-Z Fuse Tape received a 96% approval rating confirming some of the other consumer testing data we performed on the product!  It’s a winner!  Better than sticky electrical tape and waterproof, too!

Here are a few of the responses we received from the testers:

Howard wrote: “I used it on the handle of a shovel that was starting to split and it worked great. I was very impressed with how conveniently it worked just by stretching it and bonding it to itself. I was very amazed at its durability. I plan on getting a roll for my motorhome as it will be a handy item to have for emergencies etc. Thanks for allowing me to test it.”

 Joseph wrote: “I used the tape to repair a garden hose as suggested by the manufacturer. It was easy to use, adhered strongly to the hose, and was very strong as it repaired the leaking hose without even a drip. I highly recommend this product and imagine that it has numerous uses for the house and automobile.”

 Michael wrote: “a friend had a leak in a radiator.  I had the tape in my tool box, so I used it on the leak.  The hose is in a difficult place to replace, and would be  costly to replace.  It worked immediately, and he has decided to leave it in place instead of replacing the hose…”

 John wrote: “I have used products over the years that were like this. I have seen it priced for twice what MSRP is, I would not pay that for home use but 6 bucks would put it in my auto emergency kits and my earthquake supplies.”

 Keith really put our tape to the test! He wrote: “It stuck and did not come loose in both hot and cold environments. I put it in the freezer for about 40 hours, put it in the oven at 500 degrees for an hour and applied the tape to a piece of conduit while it was wet. I also let it sit in a bucket of water for half a day. After all that I could not remove the tape.”

 Joseph wrote: “I used the E-Z Fuse Black tape to waterproof my electrical connections for outdoor Christmas lights.  Not only did the tape appear to provide a completely waterproof bond to itself and the wiring it will not unravel in the wet and freezing environment as the typical vinyl electrical tape does.”

 Theresa wrote: “I love it better then ducktape, it does not leave glue stuff behind like ducktape or electric tape. I love that it seals wet or dry so you do not have to wait.”

Dorothy wrote: “We had a pin hole leak in a plastic hot  water pipe, late on a cold Saturday. The hot water is an essential part of our heating system, so we didn’t want to turn it off. Even though hot water was spraying out of the hole, I wrapped the E-Z Fuse tape around the pipe, according to directions, and it stopped the leak. It was still dry two days later when a plumber came to fix the leak.  We were really impressed.”

E-Z Fuse Tape is currently available at … get this … 99 cents only stores!  Go grab a bunch while you can! 

Tell us your story about how you use E-Z Fuse Tape or one of our other SUPER Glue products and you may win some free samples!

Be Like The NBA: Super-Glued!

March 6th, 2012
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Super-Glued-NBA[Photo & Video Credit:  You Tube]

Check out the new commercial for the NBA

They are using “super-glued” as a verb — love it!

Here you go:

“Don’t ever let your foot off the gas — stay ‘super-glued’ — never forget every play is BIG”   Sticktoitiveness makes a difference for sure! 😉