Product Testers Give Two Thumbs Up to E-Z Fuse Tape!

January 23, 2012 by Super Glue Corporation Leave a reply »
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15406-173x300Product testers from Handy Magazine were recently given samples of Super Glue Corporation’s newest product, E-Z Fuse Tape, to test.  Early results indicate a 98% approval rating.  Here are some of the comments:

“I used it on the handle of a shovel that was starting to split and it worked great.  I was very impressed with how conveniently it worked just by stretching it and bonding it to itself.  I was very amazed at its durability.  I plan on getting a roll for my motorhome as it will be a handy item to have for emergencies, etc….”

“I had a leaky garden hose when I received this product, so I tried it out right away.  Within minutes my hose was repaired, no more leaks.”

“Done electrical work all my life .. [E-Z Fuse Tape] best I found to do the job that I have seen so far.  Like the way it forms to the work and insulates the work.”

“This tape came at the best time .. the hose for the pump I use to keep water off the cover just sprang a leak.  I tried the tape instead of buying a  new hose.  This happened two weeks ago and still holding strong.  It was very easy to use, just follow the steps and you’re good to go.”

“I have an electrical cord I use often in the summer.  There were a few breaks in the outer covering, which I used E-Z Fuse Tape to cover.  Also, one plug end was starting to come loose for the cord.  Initially this fuse tape seems to make a secure seal.  I will have a lot better indication after using it all next summer.  It is now December, and I do not currently need this cord for yardwork.  However, it is now ready for next summer!

We love hearing good things about our products and we learn from any challenges people have when using our products in real life 🙂 … Tell us how you use our products and how they worked for you and you may win free samples!



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