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Record Holding Banjo Player Used Super Glue

July 31st, 2011
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According to Nashville News, Todd Taylor, World Record Holder for Fastest Banjo Playing, had to “super glue the picks to his fingers so they wouldn’t fly off” in order to win the first ever award in this category.  Guiness World Records challenged Taylor with the song Dueling Banjos from the movie, Deliverance.  He had to play both parts at a pace of 210 beats per minute.

Check out the video:

Cute, Clever, Cost Effective Craft!

July 26th, 2011
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bracelet-300x225. [Photo Credit:  Cutout and Keep Blog]

Check out this great bracelet made from Sunday Comics, clear tape (for waterproofing), and super glue.  Click on  the Cutout and Keep Blog link for more details!

What a clever way to recycle newspapers into a new and beautiful art form!

Top Reasons To Take Super Glue Hiking With You!

July 26th, 2011
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hiking[Photo Credits:  Hiking:  San Diego Magazine & Super Glue:  Super Glue Corporation]

It’s summer and it seems that everyone is taking a hike!  Whether it’s daily hiking; weekend trail hiking; or week long treks into the Sierras, hiking has gained great strides as a popular activity for all ages.

If you’re hiking it’s important to carry some supplies with you as convenient stores aren’t available on every switchback (thankfully!), however, you don’t want to load yourself down so much that your supplies become more of a burden than a blessing.  Making sure that your supplies are small, lightweight and serve more than one purpose is key.

According to our readers, and other reliable sources, super glue fits all of these criteria and is one “must-have” for hikers.  Here’s why:

  • BLISTER RELIEF:  Hikers tell us that when they begin to feel the early burn of a blister coming on, inside their boots, applying a drop or two to the sore area provides a buffer from the moisture and friction that can eventually lead to a full blown blister.  Additionally, if a blister develops, and ruptures, a thin coat of super glue serves as a temporary bandage for the inflamed area.
  • HIKING BOOT REPAIR:  Comfortable hiking boots are key to a good hiking experience, however, comfortable hiking boots may also be old and broken in, and therefore, likely to split or separate at the sole.  Super Glue bonds well with metal, rubber, and leather and can be used to repair shoe soles and get you back on the trail in seconds.  Similarly,  if shoestrings are frayed, and ragged, a drop of super glue on each end of the shoestring will pull all that fray together so that you can easily thread the laces through the eyes on your boot.
  • WALKING STICK CREATION:  A good walking stick is important for hikers.  You can make your own simply with a straight tree limb, some cloth or cord and some super glue.
  • DENTAL CROWN SALVATION:  We don’t condone using super glue in your mouth, but our readers OFTEN send us their stories of how super glue saved them, and their teeth, in difficult situations.  If your dental crown falls out while you’re hiking a little super glue can help lock it back into place temporarily until you can get yourself into a dentist.  Having your crown back in your mouth will ensure that you won’t lose it and that you can still eat while on your hike – another key to a successful hiking experience ;)!
  • TORN DOG PAD REPAIR:  Hiking with man’s best friend is fun, and great for safety reasons as well, however, dogs can easily get cuts, scrapes and torn pads along the trail.  A few drops of super glue on their pads provides some quick pain relief for your pup!
  • CUT & SCRAPE RELIEF:  Along with blisters, cuts and scrapes are always likely to occur along the trail.  Whether it be from a tree limb, bush, or rock as you’re hiking, or from a sharp knife cut while you’re cleaning the fish for dinner over the campfire, a drop of super glue applied to an external cut or scrape helps stop the bleeding and also serves as a barrier against bacteria getting into the cut.  Again, it’s just a temporary, emergency fix until you can see your doctor, but one you may be grateful to have at your disposal.
  • FLY TYING:  Fly fishers are known for hiking into isolated rivers and streams to catch that elusive brown trout and his friends.  Flyfishermen tell us they love to use super glue to create the perfect fly for fishing.  Having some super glue along ensures that you can replicate any fly, on the fly!

So there you have our top reasons to take super glue hiking with you.  There are probably lots more.  Are you a hiker?  Do you carry super glue along the trail with you?  If so, tell us your story and you may win free samples.  What other supplies have you found to be essential and versatile for hiking?  We’d love to hear from you!


Costumes a highlight of San Diego’s Comic-Con 2011

July 25th, 2011
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Comic-Con 2011 just came and went in sunny, San Diego, California.  This annual event is always outrageously entertaining as all things comic hit downtown for the weekend.  Here’s the mission statement for this amazingly unique cultural experience:  “Comic-Con International is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular art forms, primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art and culture.”

Films are debuted and promoted by celebrity panelists (Andrew Garfield, Steven Sielberg, Harrison Ford, Jon Favreau, Olivia Wilde, Peter Jackson to name just a few of this year’s attendees!); participants spend hours making their costumes using a variety of materials including lots of beads of super glue; and a wildly good time is had by all!

If this event floats your boat then save July 12 -15th, 2012 and head to the award winning San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con 2012!

HOLE(Y) TARANTULA! Repaired With Super Glue

July 25th, 2011
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tarantula-300x199[Photo Credit: Doug Hoke, The Oklahoman]

Zookeepers at Oklahoma City Zoo recently saved the life of one of their favorite, long-term resident spiders using super glue!  The brown tarantula has resided in the Oklahoma Trails exhibit since 2007 and is about 6 or 7 years old.  Recently, zookeepers “spotted a soft,watery glob on top of her”.  Further investigation led to the discovery of  “a tear in its abdomen”.  A procedure to “tap the mass back inside” was then followed up by repairing the cut with a super glue adhesive.  So far the repair is holding and the female tarantula may end living out her life expectancy, which can be up to 30 years according to Wikipedia.

Apparently, this is not the first time super glue has been used to repair an injured tarantula!  Check out this video on fixing a tarantula’s leg.  Also, according to another article by Michael Jacobi and “Household super glue is the most essential item in the tarantula keeper’s first aid kit.”

Since tarantulas are very docile, and tend to be popular pets, this is good information for all tarantula keepers to stick in their memory banks!

Special thanks to our loyal reader, Donna, for sharing this terrific bit of information with us!  We appreciate hot tips on how people use super glue.  Share your story and you may win some free samples!