E-Z Fuse Tape – Wire Clutter Relief And More!

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[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation]

The launch of Super Glue Corporation’s newest product spells relief from wire clutter, frayed cords/rope ends, and much more.  A versatile, easy-to-use product, E-Z Fuse Tape comes in a variety of colors and widths for multiple uses.  While the bond is permanent; the product leaves absolutely no residue behind when removed.

This tape is amazing!  Flexible and durable – the tape is waterproof, insulating and self fusing.   You can wrap E-Z Fuse around the handles of garden tools, golf clubs, tennis racquets, ping pong paddles, bicycle handles and more, to extend grip life and support. 

By wrapping the tape around electrical connections you can ensure airtight weather and waterproofing.  If your water pipe or garden hose springs a leak you can quickly seal the hoses and pipes until replacements can be made.

Boating enthusiasts will definitely want to keep E-Z tape handy for boat riggings and rope ends.  Plumbing issues and emergency O-Rings and Seals are wrapped up quickly and efficiently with this tape.  The tape resists damage from salt water, fresh water and even uv rays!

Check out this terrific picture of how one satisfied customer eliminated messy television wire clutter, in minutes, using E-Z Fuse Tape.


This is a seriously great product … Go get some 🙂  Available anywhere The Original Super Glue(R) products are sold!

Tell us your story … Let us know how you use Super Glue Corporation products and you may win free samples! 

Send us an email with any questions you may have about the different colors or sizes E-Z Fuse Tape comes in and you may win a free sample!


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