3D Rapid Prototyping and Super Glue

May 24, 2011 by Super Glue Corporation Leave a reply »
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[Photo Credit:  Sean Charlesworth Popular Mechanics article]

Do It Yourselfers are using 3D Rapid Prototyping to create all kinds of unique models of their own design.  The toy model shown here was created from scratch using a 3D printer.  Specific instructions can be found in the Popular Mechanics article, “How to fabricate a Toy Model from Scratch” by Sean Charlesworth.

It’s amazing to think that the prototyping process has evolved into one that can be accomplished on a home model 3D printer!  Formerly it was a much more cumbersome process using costly commercial printers.  The renderings are time consuming, but computer generation has simplified that process a lot as well.

According to Sean Charlesworth’s article, this toy design was formed in layers from the printing process, then coated in super glue to make it stronger, “but still delicate like ceramic”.  “It looks and feels like it’s made out of sugar and can be sanded and painted.”  Isn’t technology amazing?


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