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Assemblage Art

May 24th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  Ashley Jones Crash Alter Arts]

We learn so many things from our customers.  Assemblage Artist, Ashley Jones, wrote in to tell us about how she uses super glue products:

“I use Super Glue to create and hold together fun, orginal, and unique assemblage art pieces.  I use 100’s of tubes of The Original Super Glue(R) to hold together my assemblage pieces.”

Assemblage Art is a process involving putting together found objects in a 3D artistic composition.  This collage type artistic form of expression began in the 1930’s, but really came to the forefront in 1961 when, according to Wikipedia, “The Art of Assemblage” exhibition was held at the New York Museum of Modern Art.  The exhibit featured the Assemblage Art work of legendary artists like Jean Dubuffet, Marcel Duchamp, and Pablo Picasso.

Assemblage Art is an excellent example of reusing, renewing, and recycling to make something brand new!  Terrific story, Ashley!  Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

3D Rapid Prototyping and Super Glue

May 24th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  Sean Charlesworth Popular Mechanics article]

Do It Yourselfers are using 3D Rapid Prototyping to create all kinds of unique models of their own design.  The toy model shown here was created from scratch using a 3D printer.  Specific instructions can be found in the Popular Mechanics article, “How to fabricate a Toy Model from Scratch” by Sean Charlesworth.

It’s amazing to think that the prototyping process has evolved into one that can be accomplished on a home model 3D printer!  Formerly it was a much more cumbersome process using costly commercial printers.  The renderings are time consuming, but computer generation has simplified that process a lot as well.

According to Sean Charlesworth’s article, this toy design was formed in layers from the printing process, then coated in super glue to make it stronger, “but still delicate like ceramic”.  “It looks and feels like it’s made out of sugar and can be sanded and painted.”  Isn’t technology amazing?

Zap Adhesives Sponsors Top Gun RC Airshow

May 23rd, 2011
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Pacer Technology’s ZAP adhesives proudly sponsors the exclusive, invitation only, Top Gun Airshow held annually in Lakeland, Florida.  This year’s 23rd annual invitation only scale competition for RC aircraft lured the best of the best pilots, designers and builders of R/C aircraft.  Check out this slideshow video of the event.

Allandale Mansion Dr. Harry Coover Memorial

May 23rd, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  The Rogersville Review]

Dr. Harry Coover, inventor of super glue, passed away earlier this year.   A memorial service was held for Dr. Coover on May 14th at Allandale Mansion, in Kingsport, Tennessee, and was followed by a groundbreaking ceremony for a new performing arts amphitheater (plans shown here).

Super Glue Corporation executives were honored to attend the National Medal of Technology and Innovation gala with Dr. Coover and his family in November, 2010.  We wanted to pass along this important information to all of our readers and the many Do It Yourselfers (DIYers) and hobbyists who love super glue and have depended on its strong bonding qualities to accomplish their work for many decades.  We hope you will take the time to make a donation to Dr. Coover’s charity of choice – Allandale Mansion  Preservation Trust.

According to the Allandale Mansion website:

“Most recently, Dr. Harry Coover and his family donated the “Heron Dome” in memory of his deceased wife, Mrs. Muriel Zumbach Coover. The “Dome” features a bronze heron sculpture in a shallow pool, surrounded by benches, landscaping, and lighting to make the structure suitable for evening events [such as weddings, parties, and social gatherings and a quiet spot for reflection].”

According to The Rogersville Review Dr. Coover was a founding benefactor of the mansion and participated in the vision for the new amphitheater:

“Members of the Friends of Allandale all agreed that the project will offer a premier outdoor entertainment venue for the region, and the groundbreaking represents a dream by the project’s late benefactor Dr. Harry W. Coover.  Prior to the groundbreaking, a brief memorial service was held in his honor.  
Coover, the inventor of Super Glue and retired vice president of Eastman Chemical Company, was a long time supporter of projects to improve Allandale Mansion until his death on March 26 at age 94.
In the early planning stages of the Amphitheater project Coover, who also received the 2010 National Medal of Technology and Innovation, once said, “The citizens of Greater Kingsport deserve a beautiful gathering place. The natural landscape of historic Allandale provides the perfect setting to harbor all kinds of performing arts.”
Remembering Dr. Coover’s wishes,  President of the FOA Teresa Estepp said, “It is very befitting that the Friends of Allandale can officially break ground on this special project in conjunction with the day that we are remembering our founding benefactor, Dr. Coover.  It was Dr. Coover’s wish to provide the citizens of this region with a venue to enjoy the performing arts on the grounds of the city’s historic mansion.”

Dr. Coover’s family has asked that memorials in his honor be sent to Allandale Mansion Preservation Trust – 4444 West Stone Drive – Kingsport, TN 37660.