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Fingernail Art!

February 19th, 2011
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[Video Credit:  How To: Fimo Stick Nail Art]

Sooo cool!

Fly-Tying Tip

February 19th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  Winona Fly Factory]

What do Zap Glues have to do with fly fishing?

Apparently Zap Glues can be combined with wire fly tying to create some pretty authentic looking midge larva. 

Enticing trout on streams is not only a sport, but a science and an art.  The Winona Fly Fishing blog has terrific tips incorporating all three of these aspects of fly fishing.   We particularly like this one featuring Zap A Gap CA

Here’s a brief description of the process involved (note:  go directly to Winona FlyFishing blog for the complete article):

 “Taking a section of Ultra Wire (size BR) I wrap tight kissing turns the length of the hook shank on this Dia-Riki 135 Scud Hook (#20). To cleanly remove both tag ends wiggle the wire against the hook shank until it pops free, I often use a pair of forceps to aid me in this to save on the amount of wire I use. Use your (dirty in my case) fingernails to push the wire together removing as much of the gap between wraps as possible. Once finished use a thin layer of Zap-a-Gap to seal the wire and adhere it to the hook. This method allows for a neat, thin, segmented body without cluttering the hook with thread. I find it to be very effective but I should note: Allow the Glue to DRY! before touching it. If you do not you will ruin the nice clear finish that allows you to see the wire properly.”

Here’s recent video posted on the same site to motivate you to want to get out there and fly fish now!  Go Get ‘Em!

Timeless Treasures

February 17th, 2011
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[Photo Credit: James Hakeem]

Miniatures are so cool!  Look at these life-like model car, trucks, and trailers created by satisfied customer, James Hakeem.  The attention to detailed required to create these treasured scale models is incredible.  Here’s Jim’s story about how he uses our Zap gap filling super glue, in his model building, and the steps involved in the process:

“I use it for attaching a trailer hitch to a 1:18 scale Die Cast Model.  I tried all kinds of super glue on my quest to modify 1:18 scale die cast model cars, to sell on E-bay. In the testing process the glue had to hold up to months of weight pull down on the Trailer hitch nothing would hold up then while in a model shop that sold RC Models I ask them what they use to glue the Models together I knew that RC take a beating they told me Zap gap filling super glue was the only glue that would hold up. I tried it on my test model and that was 3 years ago and it’s still holding up today. I have sold hundreds of die cast models modified with a trailer hitch and as of today not one has come back. I now make an over head rack for a 1956 Ford pickup 1:18 scale it look like the same truck a handy man would drive I make out of square plastic and I use Zap on that as well to glue the assembly and glue the finished assembly to the bed of the truck.”


Thanks so much for sharing your story, Jim!  We admire the dedication and passion you have for your work!  We share your desire for Adhering to Excellence!

Artist Nails Charity Auction Theme!!

February 17th, 2011
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Charity-Art-300x200.[Photo Credit:  Nancy Larrew]

This intriguing piece of art is entitled “Every Community Has Its Share Of Nuts”!  The artist, Nancy Larrew, created it for a charity aution benefitting Zimmer Children’s Museum!  According to the artist, “the theme of the show is building a community using building materials”.  We think she’s NAILED that theme with this piece! 🙂

 Auctions are a great way to raise money for special causes and we are so impressed by people who give so generously, of their time, talent and resources, to support both the arts and education – two of our favorite causes as well!

The artist told us she used Super Glue Corporation’s Accutool Gel because “it was stronger for metal to wood contact” and that she “loved the control of the bottle application”.  She also used “epoxy on the pipes”.  This awesome piece weighs 20 pounds so strong adhesives were in order!

We so appreciate hearing from satisfied customers and especially enjoy hearing about the impressive artistic applications people have for super glue products!

Here’s to a successful auction benefitting the Zimmer Children’s Museum!  Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

Glassy Girl’s Weekend Party Favors ..

February 7th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  SJH]

Nowadays, we are always hearing about fun, getaway weekends busy moms are taking to relax and rejuvenate with friends while hardworking dads take a break and bond (two words we love! :)) with the kids at home.  Recently, Sheli and some of her favorite “mom” friends did just that – took off for a weekend together in Palm Desert.

Check out these amazing party favors, Sheli created for her friends, commemorating the weekend!  Using colorful rhinestones from Michael’s, The Original Super Glue(R) glass adhesive, and Riedel stemless wine glasses, Sheli was able to personalize the party favors while also ensuring that everyone could find their own glass all weekend long (hence less dishwashing … something all the moms were looking forward to avoiding).  On the backs of the glasses she etched the date and place.  She told us that Super Glue Corporation’s glass adhesive worked great for this project because she was able to continue to move the rhinestones into place until she chose the time to take them out into the sun to cure the glue.  With the chemistry of this product, a UV cure is the only way the glue will set allowing you to control when the glue will set the stones permanently in place!  The glue also dries crystal clear!

Super clever idea, Sheli!!  Thanks for letting us share it with our readers!!