Pinpoint Repairs

November 13, 2010 by Super Glue Corporation Leave a reply »
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[Photo Credit:  Cynthia Hollingsworth]

Loyal customer, Cynthia Hollingsworth, sent in this story about how she uses Super Glue products:

“THANK YOU. A favorite knickknack broke. A small, but expensive glass piece fell and broke in two pieces. Reached in my desk drawer and got my AccuTool and minutes later, it’s as good as new. No mess, no fuss, perfect repair. THANK YOU!”

Thank YOU, Cynthia, for sending us this story!  We agree that the Accutool is the greatest!  It stands, ready to use, on the desktop and its pinpoint accuracy enables you to apply The Original Super Glue(R) to even the most fragile of pieces.  We appreciate hearing success stories like this from our awesome customers!!


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