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Inventor of Super Glue Awarded National Medal of Technology and Innovation

October 21st, 2010
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Harry Coover, the scientist who accidentally discovered super glue during unrelated research as an Eastman Kodak chemist,  has been awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for 2010.  This year’s award recipients were announced by President Obama, in a White House press release, on October 15, 2010.   The press release states, “The extraordinary accomplishments of these scientists, engineers, and inventors are a testament to American industry and ingenuity,” President Obama said.  “Their achievements have redrawn the frontiers of human knowledge while enhancing American prosperity, and it is my tremendous pleasure to honor them for their important contributions.”

Here is a summary of this year’s award winners from a National Science Foundation press release:

Harry Coover for his invention of cyanoacrylates, a new class of adhesives that have influenced medicine and industry, and are known widely to consumers as “super” glues.

Helen Free for her seminal contributions to diagnostic chemistry, primarily through dip-and-read urinalysis tests, that first enabled diabetics to monitor their blood glucose levels on their own.

Steven Sasson for the invention of the digital camera, which has revolutionized the way images are captured, stored and shared, thereby creating new opportunities for commerce, for education and for improved worldwide communication.

Marcian E. “Ted” Hoff, Jr., Stanley Mazor and Federico Faggin for the conception, design, development and application of the first microcomputer, a universal building block that enabled a multitude of novel digital electronic systems.

We congratulate all of this year’s recipients of  the National Medal of Technology and Innovation which according to the Office of the White House, represents “the highest honors bestowed by the United States government on scientists, engineers, and inventors.”

We especially extend our congratulations to Harry Coover, the inventor of cyanoacrylates, commonly referred to as “super glues”.  His discovery is still enhancing the lives of people today!  Super Glue is amazing stuff!!  Read more about Harry Coover on the Super Glue Corporation website.

Model Train Enthusiasts Get CREATIVE

October 20th, 2010
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We LOVE this video entitled “Train Ride On Track Lighting”.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you there’s no room to set up your model train! 🙂  According to a note on the video “the plexiglass ties were attached with super glue“.

Check it out and hope you enjoy the ride like we did!

[Video Credit:  Train Ride On Track Lighting You Tube]

Kit Car Tip

October 20th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  Lighting the Fire Blog]

Many of you know that the practical roots for several of Super Glue Corporation’s most popular products come from the model/hobby world so we are always intrigued when we see stories and tips from model car, airplane, and train enthusiasts.

In a blog posting titled “Science Club” Jill wrote:  kids are “learning about force and motion and gravity …”.  She goes on to say that they built kit cars and used a ramp to illustrate the different concepts they were teaching.  She said, “the cars that we built last week made it down the ramp – at least once. We changed the angle of the ramp a few times to see how that would affect the speed and pushed the cars uphill to show forces at work.  When the wheels really did start to come off, the children switched to lego cars.  Note for next time: super glue the wheels.”

Great tip, Jill!  A drop of super glue works to fasten small parts on all types of models.  We get emails all the time about how The Original Super Glue(R) and ZAP(R) products are being used to create amazing scale models that are entered into all kinds of competitive events.  They hold up under incredibly difficult crashes and conditions.  We agree that there will be no more wheel frustrations if your kids use a drop of super glue on their kit cars next time around!  Good luck and thanks for all you’re doing to help kids learn by experimentation – that’s awesome!!

Motorcycle Grip Tip

October 20th, 2010
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[Video Credit:  CruiserCustomizing]

Satified customer, Dan Scott, recently sent us this story about how he uses The Original Super Glue(R) products: 

Dan says he uses super glue products on motorcycles.  “I bought some Kuryakan grips for my motorcycle which cost between $49 to $79 for the set. They are the most popular grips around and most motorcycle folks buy them from Kuryakan. The 2 bottles of glue were dried up when I received them so I called to ask what glue can be substituted. They said, “Super Glue Gel.” and that is the ONLY glue they would recommend.”  [We found the video above which shows how, indeed, glue is applied when changing out grips.]

We appreciate Dan’s story and in honor of his tip we will send out free samples of Super Glue Gel to the first 50 cruisers requesting.  Simply go to send us your story on our website and email us your address along with the words “Motorcycle Grip Tip Blog – Please Send Super Glue Gel Sample”  no later than December 1, 2010.

Disneyland FUN!

October 18th, 2010
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On a cool, crisp, October Saturday Super Glue Corporation’s owners honored employees, and their families, by treating them to a day at Disneyland.  Though located only about 45 minutes away from Super Glue Corporation’s Rancho Cucamonga headquarters, spending the day at the magic kingdom is still a thrill for everyone!

The lines for all the favorite attractions are usually quite long, but the wait enables you plenty of time to take in all of the many amazing details around the park.  This first picture is from the haunted mansion.  It’s decorated from head to toe/ceiling to floor for the holidays featuring Jack Skellington and “fiends”.  We couldn’t help but wonder how much super glue and epoxy is used throughout the park 😉 … We’re guessing gobs as there are plenty of things to attach!  [Side Note:  Sources tell us Disney artists go through lots of Contractor’s Size Epoxy.]

Our entire sales team flew in from all over the country (Washington, Ohio, Georgia, New York, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, and more) for the day at Disneyland making it an even more special occasion for the whole company.  A delicious lunch was served, in a private pavilion … entertainment was provided by Mickey Mouse himself, as well as “the most organized balloon man ever” (quote by our insurance provider’s seven year old son)!

Check out the following pics!  You may enjoy seeing some of the friendly faces, and families, behind The Original Super Glue(R) … most have been with us for years! » More: Disneyland FUN!