Zap-A-Gap: Glossy Wood Finishes That Look Like Glass

September 27, 2010 by Super Glue Corporation Leave a reply »
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Knife-1-300x225[Photo Credit:  John Pauza]

Look at the radiant finish on this custom knife handle.  You will be amazed to find out how the glassy smooth finish is achieved.

The artist, John Pauza, says he uses our specialized hobby cyanoacrylate, Zap-A-Gap, “as a crack and defect filler, but also as a finish on wood”.  According to John, “I make custom knives and have learned to apply a light coat of  “Gap” with a paper towel, allow it to dry, wet sand smooth with 600 grit paper, then buff with green rouge.  With practice this process creates a hard protective finish that looks like glass!  Incredible stuff!”

We think YOU are incredible, John!  Thanks for allowing us to share your story, and these amazing pictures, with our readers.  We have heard that many woodworkers use Zap-A-Gap to protect the wood, but we’ve never seen such beautiful examples. 

Take a look at these beautiful knives John created with his most unique process:

	Knife-2-300x225Knife-3-300x225Knife-4-300x225.Knife-5-300x225[All Knife Photos Credit:  John Pauza]

Bet these knives could carve a pretty cool pumpkin or two!  Happy Fall, Everyone!!


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