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Time To Winterize!

September 27th, 2010
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Permanent Patch Product Knowledge Video from Super Glue Corporation on Vimeo.

Pick up a couple of these great, flexible, permanent patches. You can wrap them around pipes, hoses, almost anything, and they will harden and hold indefinitely. Available through Leslie’s Pool Supply.  A quick fix that will last through many a winter!

Zap-A-Gap: Glossy Wood Finishes That Look Like Glass

September 27th, 2010
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Knife-1-300x225[Photo Credit:  John Pauza]

Look at the radiant finish on this custom knife handle.  You will be amazed to find out how the glassy smooth finish is achieved.

The artist, John Pauza, says he uses our specialized hobby cyanoacrylate, Zap-A-Gap, “as a crack and defect filler, but also as a finish on wood”.  According to John, “I make custom knives and have learned to apply a light coat of  “Gap” with a paper towel, allow it to dry, wet sand smooth with 600 grit paper, then buff with green rouge.  With practice this process creates a hard protective finish that looks like glass!  Incredible stuff!”

We think YOU are incredible, John!  Thanks for allowing us to share your story, and these amazing pictures, with our readers.  We have heard that many woodworkers use Zap-A-Gap to protect the wood, but we’ve never seen such beautiful examples. 

Take a look at these beautiful knives John created with his most unique process:

	Knife-2-300x225Knife-3-300x225Knife-4-300x225.Knife-5-300x225[All Knife Photos Credit:  John Pauza]

Bet these knives could carve a pretty cool pumpkin or two!  Happy Fall, Everyone!!

When Your Brand Becomes A Verb

September 13th, 2010
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Walking-Super-Glue-Tube1-131x300.In our humble opinion, you know you’ve hit the big time when your brand becomes a verb.  How great is it when people use your brand name in their everyday conversation as an ACTION word?    What more could you want?  You want your brand to exist, to act, to be dynamic; not remain static as an object or a subject.  But achieving this higher level of being is not easy.  Only a few brands have managed to move from the realm of a noun to a verb.  How to do it is elusive, but trust us it’s amazing if and when your brand makes the transformation.

Not following?  Let’s use some examples to help explain what we’re talking about with The Original Super Glue(R) brand.  People are always saying:

Similarly, here are a few other examples of brand names that have become verbs:

  • “If you scotchtape the paper back together it will look just like new.”
  • “I googled him and found out lots of information.”
  • “Let me xerox this and then I’ll send it over to you.”
  • Chlorox it and you’ll never see the stain.”
  • “I had to lysol the dorm room.”
  • Windex that stuff right off the windshield.”
  • WD-40 that squeak in your door.”
  • Velcro it shut.”

Is your brand a verb?  Do you have another example of a brand that’s a verb?  Let us know and you may win free samples! … For now we’re off and running (or in the case of our super glue gel formula … off and crawling) …

Art in Miniature

September 9th, 2010
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[Photo Credit: Jacqui M.]

The picture on the top left looks like a photo of a life size fishing boat tied to the dock, but the second photo includes a ruler to prove it is actually a scale-size replica.  Aren’t they amazing??

Miniature Art is fascinating. It can be held in the palm of your hand.  Paintings, sculptures and scale-model furniture are just some examples of how this art form is presented, but the process always involves acute attention to detail regardless of its form.

Nothing makes us happier than having satisfied consumers write in to tell us about how Super Glue Corporation’s products are working for them.  We use this information in our product research and development process.  Here is what talented miniature artist (of the fishing scene pictured above), Jacqui M., from Hawaii, recently shared:

I am a miniaturist working in 1:48″ scale and I work with fragile scale pieces that cannot be clamped. I need glues that I can hold together by hand until it sets up and often I need to glue surfaces that are dirty or have had other glue that failed. Future Glue and ProSeal are my very favorite all purpose adhesives as they work for most of the things I need to do. One project entailed gluing a small building frame together and then gluing small strips of weathered wood to that. I also built a skiff that was planked and the pieces needed to be curved around the frame but couldn’t be clamped. ProSeal worked like a charm! I am currently working on a building scene from Sweeney Todd where the barber chair tilts back and required leather to be glued to wood and metal. The entire chair is glued to a “plank” which will drop a “body” into a chute to the lower level. There is no other glue I have tried that would allow me to accomplish these things. I had difficulty soldering copper to make an oven and hopper for a meat grinder and SuperGlue Gel came to the rescue!

How To Turn Your Iphone Into A Cool Microscope

September 9th, 2010
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Wow, we love this idea!  Using super glue, an iphone case cover, and a tiny microscope you can modify your iphone into a microscope!  (Remember:  You will likely not be able to remove the microscope from the case cover, once it is superglued on there, so be sure you have another spare phone cover available for other uses.  This video does a good job of alerting you to this risk.]

Check it out [Video via Apple Lastest News Website]:

For another fun iphone use download The Original Super Glue(R) Guide app.  Here’s to new technology – we love it!!  If you have an invention or use involving combining super glue with technology send us your story and you may win free samples!

Olivia’s Party Favors

September 9th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  Shannon Cunningham Photo]

Olivia turned 5 last month and celebrated with a tea party.  All of her friends received one of these darling teacup party favors – can you imagine?  The girls, and their moms, were thrilled!

The teacups were superglued to the saucers and then filled with pink roses, daisies, and baby’s breath!  What a special gift to take home – a treasure! 

Lucky Olivia (and friends) to have such a clever mom, and grandmothers, who help her celebrate with such style :)!

Bet your kindergarten teacher would appreciate one of these as a holiday gift (maybe add a fun little bookstore gift card on the side)!!

Send us your story of how you use super glue products and you may win free samples!