Amazing Mini-Kites!

August 18, 2010 by Super Glue Corporation Leave a reply »
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[Photo Credit:  Webb Taylor]

These amazing miniature kites are replicas of exotic Oriental art used on kites, and measure no larger than 6 inches!  The craftsman wrote in to tell us his story about how he uses our product, Fix-All adhesive, to construct these treasures.  Here’s what Webb Taylor told us about these gorgeous works of art:

“I am a retired aero-space engineer and have taken up the hobby of making miniatures of oriental kites.  My daughter is rather artistic and she replicates the exotic paintings which the Oriental artists put on their kites.  I have made about 100 miniatures (no larger than 6”) and have used your adhesive for all of them.  I obtain the glue at Dollar Tree.  The glue is fantastic for these kites; I have had some crash on the concrete sidewalk, the side of the house and into a telephone pole–and not one glue joint broke!  When constructing a kite I use an ample supply on a joint and during the final trimming and sanding of the structure I clean each joint till the adhesive is almost removed.  This takes place after several hours of curing the joint.  Thanks for such a great product.”

Check out all of the joints, involved in making these miniature kites, where Webb uses The Original Super Glue(R) – Amazing!:

[Photo Credit:  Webb Taylor]

Thank you, Webb, for sharing your story with us so that we can share it  here with our readers!  We are impressed with your engineering talents (and your daughter’s art work) and we’re thrilled to hear our product is measuring up to your high standards!


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