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What Are The Most Essential Items In Your Adventure Tool Kit?

August 26th, 2010
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Cooler September days, blue skies, and open roads call out to adventurous types.  Traveling light, carrying along only the most essential items, is mandatory.  We’re interested in hearing from you:  What are the MOST essential items in your adventure tool kit?

We were pleased to read that Two Time Great Divide Race-Winner Matthew Lee, in an article for the Adventure Cycling Organization, is quoted as stating:  “Super Glue has a million uses.  Bring it on every multi-day ride.”  Wow, a million uses!  Guess that makes super glue a valuable tool.  Handy and easy to pack on long bike trips for sure. 

Extreme bike enthusiasts have told us they use super glue products for lots of things, including:  emergency tire repair, emergency gear repair, shoe sole repair, handlebar grip repair, to seal small skin cuts and blisters, and more.  If you count super glue or Bondini as one of the most essential items in your adventure tool kit, let us know and you may win free product!  Also, let us know what else you carry in your adventure tool kit – is there anything more multi-functional and more compact than a tube of super glue? – We’re interested in hearing from you!

Funny:) … “Be Careful With Super Glue”

August 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit: via Heimerik from Twitter]

If you’re not on Twitter then you may not have seen this funny picture of Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, being circulated about … Whoever put this together had a funny sense of humor … even we had to laugh :)!

Stay up-to-date on all the fun trivia the world has to offer! – Follow us today on Twitter @SuperGlueCorp or join our Facebook page asap!  If nothing else you’ll get a laugh or two out of it!

Teachers Rock!

August 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  A Small Fox In A Big World blog]

It still seems like summer to us, but we know of several schools (here in California and elsewhere, too) that have already started the new school year.

We just want to say “TEACHERS ROCK”!  So many hours are spent by teachers every year decorating classrooms and preparing lesson plans, usually on shoestring budgets.  It is awe-inspiring how much love and time is dedicated to making learning fun, rewarding, motivating, and enjoyable for our young people.

While perusing clever blogs we came across this nifty summertime theme for a school library:  “Make A Splash READ“.  In it the author describes making these hanging fish:  

“All you need to do is cut out a triangle from the edge of the plate to serve as the mouth and then glue or tape that triangle to the back of the fish for a tail.”

White glue or The Original Super Glue’s Accutool would work great for this project.  We also suggest the whole line of sticky tape and dots we have in our Front Porch Treasures(R) line of scrapbooking products.

For more specifics on creating the scene for this great reading program go directly to this article to see pictures and descriptions of the entire fun reading theme.  Thanks for sharing your ideas on-line Small_Fox!  Teachers Rock!

Amazing Mini-Kites!

August 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  Webb Taylor]

These amazing miniature kites are replicas of exotic Oriental art used on kites, and measure no larger than 6 inches!  The craftsman wrote in to tell us his story about how he uses our product, Fix-All adhesive, to construct these treasures.  Here’s what Webb Taylor told us about these gorgeous works of art:

“I am a retired aero-space engineer and have taken up the hobby of making miniatures of oriental kites.  My daughter is rather artistic and she replicates the exotic paintings which the Oriental artists put on their kites.  I have made about 100 miniatures (no larger than 6”) and have used your adhesive for all of them.  I obtain the glue at Dollar Tree.  The glue is fantastic for these kites; I have had some crash on the concrete sidewalk, the side of the house and into a telephone pole–and not one glue joint broke!  When constructing a kite I use an ample supply on a joint and during the final trimming and sanding of the structure I clean each joint till the adhesive is almost removed.  This takes place after several hours of curing the joint.  Thanks for such a great product.”

Check out all of the joints, involved in making these miniature kites, where Webb uses The Original Super Glue(R) – Amazing!:

[Photo Credit:  Webb Taylor]

Thank you, Webb, for sharing your story with us so that we can share it  here with our readers!  We are impressed with your engineering talents (and your daughter’s art work) and we’re thrilled to hear our product is measuring up to your high standards!

Geocaching … Show us your cache & you may win!

August 7th, 2010
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Have you heard about geocaching? It is a new, hike and seek, game being played by adventurous kids, of all ages, throughout the world.   Using GPS devices, and clues posted on the Geocaching website, treasure hunters go walking and hiking in hopes of locating unique caches (containers holding log books, stamps, and sometimes even items free for the taking as long as they’re replaced for something of equal or greater value).

[Video Credit: Splinterheads via Geocaching Website]

So, what we want to know is:  What does your cache container look like?  Did you use any of  The Original Super Glue(R) products to make, or fill, it?  If so, send us a picture and tell us which of our super glue products you used and you may win some free samples (and of course, recognition in our blog).

Apparently, according to the official geocaching website,  there are over 4-5 million geocachers worldwide and approximately 1,149,624 active geocaches waiting to be found!  Some of you may have already created a cache using super glue products so send us your stories and pictures now!  If you haven’t done it already, get on board this fun adventure now!  Good luck and happy treasure hunting …. we’ll let you know when we’ve placed our cache asap!