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Copper-Bond Alternative To Solder!

July 26th, 2010
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Installing and/or repairing big items in your home, like bathtubs, can be difficult and cumbersome.  More often than not situations arise where you are unable to use traditional methods due to constrictions such as time, and space.  This is what happened to our customer, J.M. … Here’s his story:

To Whom It May Concern, I want to say thanks so much for your Copper-Bond product.  It really saved me a lot of heartache, when I inadvertently missed a copper sweat fitting (the fitting holding the tub spout copper pipe) located behind my new tub surround.  I thought that I would have to tear a hole in my wall behind my tub to fix.  I searched on-line for another solution because I was unable to solder the joint due to its location.  I just checked the product and it was set up in 20 minutes and I am so thankful for the hassle Copper-bond saved me from …”


Copper-Bond(R) is a safe and effective alternative to soldering.  Assembles cold and hot water copper pipes in 20 minutes!

Comic Con ‘n Glue ‘n Stuff

July 26th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  Superman Homepage Kid’s Craft – Flying Superman]

Not sure about you, but we were into Comic Con last week!  Follow on Twitter @comic_con.  Comic adventures and characters are so much fun and they are streaming to us in many more ways than the traditional comic book, cartoon, and comic strips some of us first began following.   Several expanded comic-centered media and art forms exist today including video games, feature films, graphic novels, tattoos, 3D, and anime/manga (“whimsical pictures …. featuring exageratted physical features such as large eyes, big hair, and elongated limbs ….”), but at the core comic themes remain true to their roots.

There’s just something about these super heroes, villains, and their awesome adventures that generations of comic lovers continue to adore.  The themes are universal and dependable like mom and pop, stars and moon, breakfast cereals and super-glue, right?

Alas, is this historical love fest for tradition not reciprocated?  We were shocked 😉 to hear Director Zach Snyder say that his latest film “Sucker Punch is not a movie based on a breakfast cereal or super-glue.”  What’s that about? 🙂  Why diss us? 🙂 …

Anyway, it’s all fun stuff and we, like you, enjoy sticking with what’s happening and new …  Speaking of … Here’s a fun project for kids of all ages … check out this link to find out how to make this cool “Inter Action Flying Superman” figure using a toilet paper tube, color printer, extra thick printer paper, scissors, and glue

 Happy Summer, hope it’s SUPER!

Country Music’s Sugarland releasing “Stuck Like Glue”!

July 23rd, 2010
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[Photo Credit: Mercury Nashville via AOL Radio Blog]

According to the AOL Radio Blog (and the Country Radio Stations this blogger likes to listen to) Sugarland is coming out with a new single soon titled, “Stuck Like Glue”! We like it, we love it, go Sugarland! We can relate to that title!

According to The Boot, Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles says the song “sticks in your brain, no pun intended.”

We look forward to the release!  Here’s a peek:

[Video Credit: YouTube]

How Do You Use Super Glue?

July 21st, 2010
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We  love hearing from consumers of our products.  Many people write in and tell us their stories about how they use Super Glue Corporation products.  This information is very important to us.  We track this valuable information and use it in our research and development process.

We are particularly impressed that our loyal customers are so honest and forthcoming with their tips … we also like that satisfied consumers tend to spread the great news about our products … we know that word of mouth advertising is the very best thing in the world and we appreciate every bit we get!   Here’s some of the interesting feedback we recently received:

1.  N.Y. states:  “I use it on my models, cars and trucks where the model glue won’t work, your stuff does awesome wonders …”

2. R.B.N. states:  “Super Glue Folks, Never in my life have I used a product as useful as this.  The gel is easy to use and most important, it can be used for several applications.  It is the best money spent in a long time.  Great product.”

3.  D.N. writing about Bondini Gel states:  “I use it to put the cue tips on my cue sticks.  It works great … some people said that it wouldn’t work and the tips would come off -Not$!!!!!!”

4.  A.P.  states:  “I have dreadlox that are about 2 feet long in the longest places and sometimes they break for various reasons.  Anyway I have been using your product specifically, because [competitor’s] doesn’t last.  I’ve used super glue to mend or re-attach my lox when they break or fallout, and its the only thing I trust.  I’ve been growing my hair for 9 years, so I’m glad to have such a perfect product to trust … thank you Super Glue, the Dreadlox’s friend.”

5.  M.L.D. writing about the Accutool states:  “The best thing I like about your Super Glue Accutool is that it’s the only product of it’s kind that I can use repeatedly with confidence that it won’t be glued to itself.  Every time I’ve used it, the lid comes off easily, and it dispenses the glue just like it did the first time I used it.  Thank you very much for saving me a lot of frustration.”

6.  T.D.G. states:  “I am one of the rosary makers at Santa Tersita in Buena Vista, Duarte, CA. … I am one of the two who do the knot/cord rosary.  I have tried all types of glue to harden or firm the cord/knot crucifix in the rosary … I was about to give up making the knot/cord rosaries … a clerk … advised me to try the 2 pack super glue #19108 … I did one cord rosary & tried the glue in the cord crucifix and I couldn’t believe it.  It not only hardens/firms the cord/knot crucifix, but it was very clean & clear.  Since then I & the other knot/cord rosary makers are buying the 2 pack #19108 super glue.”

7.  J.C. states:  “I always buy your product and use it for the application of my artificial nails.  It comes out very easily.  I like the size of the bottle (easy to carry in my purse or pocket).  I would recommend it to my friends.”

8.  J.J. states:  “This may not sound like much but the passenger side door mirror on my grandmas car kept getting broken off from her backing out of the garage.  We had tried new complete mirrors, then epoxy, then wired it on which she couldn’t stand.  Then just to see if it would work I took the old mirror and used super glue to bond it back on to the door and after about 5-10 minutes I let go and it held.  The great part of this is after trying those other options and she kept hitting the garage door frame the super glue held and is still holding and has been hit four times that I know of that she has told us.  I am the only person doing these repairs so I am very happy with the outcome, and my grandmother needs the mirror on as she’s 87 years old.  Thank You I have told everyone.”

9.  S.C. states:  “When I graduated college in 1970, I was given a money clip with a sold silver coin-shaped ingot on it as decoration.  I have carried it since.  About 5 years ago the ingot came off of the clip, due to the rivet keeping the ingot bezel on the clip breaking after so long.  I used Super Glue to re-attach the ingot and have carried the clip since.”

10. J.S. writing about Vinyl/Leather Mender“When I have cuts in leather jackets and car seats or booths I use it to mend and then fill in with Pro 2, another product, and then I dye the leather.”

This is just a small sampling of the feedback … we’ll share more next time. We would love to hear from you!  Share your stories, about how you use Super Glue Corporation’s products and you may win some free product samples.

Prize Winning Piggy (Bank)!

July 1st, 2010
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Piggy Bank 2 2010 001[Photo Credit: Denise C. & son, Trevor]

A special thank you to Future Glue(R) fan, Denise C. and her son Trevor, for sharing their super glue story with us!

Denise wrote in to tell us that they use our products for everything from “school crafts to broken items” …. She then went on to tell us about their prize winning entry into their school’s recycling contest …. Here are the details of how they used Future Glue to make this prize winning Piggy:

I had to help my 9 year old son for recycling, how to do something with a 2 liter bottle. Well thanks to your glue, we made the prize winning piggy bank with felt. It’s a tan pig with dark brown spots, big ears that do stick up, curly pipe cleaner tail, and a red nose. All glued on with Future Glue Brush-On. Love it, love it, absolutely love it! I have tried so many before, the ones that drip or put drops down and even another brush on but nothing compares to your glue. Thank you so much for such a good product that actually does what it says it does and for a great price! Thank you.

Thanks for sharing, Denise and Trevor!! Providing high quality at a great value is an important goal here at Super Glue Corporation. We also share your interest in reusing, repairing, and recycling! You guys ROCK!