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Custom Wind Cover For Video Camera Microphone

May 18th, 2010
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Here’s a clever idea! Check out this video on how to use super glue, foam, and velcro to make a wind cover for the microphone on your video camera. We suggest using a foam safe super glue, like Zap-O or super glue with an accelerator like Zip-Kicker, for this project:


[You Tube Video Credit: VideoAndalucia]

Salt Water Fly Fishing Tip

May 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit: Fly Fish Louisiana]

Salt water fly fishing takes place in the shallow waters off the coast and requires some special leader reinforcement according to Capt. Dan on the FlyFishLouisiana website. He notes that fly fishing in salt water conditions presents unique challenges for fly fishing leaders, “fishing in barnacle filled waters with mounds of oysters waiting to wreck havoc with your leaders”, and proceeds to give some tips to “eliminate braided loop failure”:

Suggested methods to eliminate braided loop failure:
1. Super glue the braid to the fly line
2. Tie an over hand knot in the braided material where it goes over the fly line
3. I like to whip finish the braided material where it goes over the fly line several times in different places with 6 – 8 pound monofilament

Thanks for the super tip, Capt. Dan! We love passing along helpful fishing tips from knowledgeable anglers. Let us know how you are using our products to help solve your challenges!

10 Fun Facts About Super Glue

May 17th, 2010
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Super Glue Tube 11:      Super Glue bonds instantly, but remains tacky until it actually makes the connection between two substrates/surfaces.

#1 Note:  This is why destructive pranksters have been able to apply super glue to a toilet seat, leave, and later find someone stuck to the toilet seat.  If you apply super glue to only one surface the product will not bond until another surface is joined with the glue. 

2:      Super Glue can be removed with acetone (fingernail polish remover).

#2 Note:  Acetone removes lots of things though so always pretest before applying to fine surfaces (like wood dining room tables) or you may end up removing more than just the super glue.

3:      Several drops of super glue will hold a two ton truck in the air.

#3 Note:  Doubt this?  Check it out!

4.      Super Glue lasts longest when stored upright in dry, cool conditions like a refrigerator.

5.      Super Glue has amazing tensile strength.

#5 Note:  This is why if your fingers ever get stuck together with super glue, it is best to roll or slowly peel your fingers apart rather than pulling them apart!

6.      Super Glue is listed as one of the top inventions of the 20th century.

#6 Note:  That’s right, it’s right up there with television remote controls and microwave ovens – handy stuff!

7.     Super Glue tubes and bottles work best after opening when caps are cleaned off with acetone prior to resealing.

8.     Super Glue was initially discovered in 1942 in a search for materials to make gunsights for the war.

#8 Note:  The problem was that super glue stuck to everything so its development was set aside until the early 1950’s when it began to gain popularity commercially.

9.      Super Glue’s maximum strength can be achieved when bonding metal to metal.

10.     The Original Super Glue(R) logo comes from an actual radio show contest that proved super glue was strong enough to hold a hanging car.

Note #10:  Historical Lift car[Acknowledge Dr. Dave Dunn via Super Glue Corporation]

Beware of Generic Super Glues

May 13th, 2010
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Consumers Beware:  You may not realize this, but Super Glue is a generic term.  As a result there are many different companies out there making tubes of super glue and labeling them with the words Super Glue. 

The Original Super Glue(R), a name trademarked by Super Glue Corporation and Pacer Technology, has been the trusted brand manufacturer for cyanocrylates (aka super glues and instant adhesives) since the beginning of its availability for consumer use decades ago.  Quality control, high packaging standards, and instant adhesives created with custom ingredients and a wide range of viscosities is the differentiator for consumers when they buy The Original Super Glue(R) branded products.  Consumers know that  they are getting the best quality super glue products on the market when they buy any of these trusted brands:  The Original Super Glue(R), ZAP(R), Bondini(R),  Pro Seal, and Pacer(R).  Many consumers write in everyday, to Super Glue Corporation headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, California, clearly understanding why this is the brand they use and trust on a regular basis.  Most of these consumers are experienced Do-It-Yourselfers, Hobbyists, and Engineers who understand that there are other super glue choices on the market, but their constant use and testing of The Original Super Glue(R) branded products has lead them to trust this brand over its many competitors. 

Today, however, there are lots of different tubes of super glue being manufactured overseas, and in the USA, that simply don’t compare to the same stringent standards of excellence that Super Glue Corporation maintains for both its branded and private label super glues.  Some of these other manufacturers cut costs by outsourcing their tube, cap, and sometimes even their cyanoacrylate, production allowing substandard quality products to be sold to unknowing consumers.  These consumers must not realize that “super glue” is a generic term and that only by buying a branded product, or a private label brand from a retailer who takes the time to ensure their supplier maintains high standards of excellence, can they truly be assured of the quality of super glue they are buying.

It is frustrating to hear of consumers who say that super glues don’t hold like they used to or that tubes leak and make a mess.  The fact is, that similar to bikes or paper towels or kleenex or most everything else on the market, the grade of products can vary greatly by manufacturer.  The best thing to do is stick with a brand you trust and make sure the retailer you use chooses manufacturers who also adhere to excellent standards when they produce their private label products.

Case in point:  Check out this video … it helps illustrate how one major retailer and their private label supplier have cut corners to give consumers substandard generic “super glue” for a very cheap price.  The belief by some uninformed buyers may be that all super glues are alike, however, we can assure you that The Original Super Glue(R) self piercing tubes have design features that will NOT allow what takes place in this video to happen:

Dangerous Generic Super Glue NOT OUR BRAND – Beware from Super Glue Corporation on Vimeo.

Bottom Line:  Not all super glues are alike!  To be safe, buy products made by a trusted brand manufacturer.  Let retailers know when their private label brands don’t hold up to your expectations.  Look for manufacturer logos on packages along with the words Super Glue to ensure you are getting a high quality product from a trusted supplier like The Original Super Glue(R).   Bonds Matter!  If you would like more information on how Super Glue Corporation products compare to other super glues on the market contact us.