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Mini Hovercraft Idea = FUN!

April 19th, 2010
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We think this is one of the most clever ideas we’ve seen this year, for sure!

Check out the video below to see how to make a mini hovercraft using an old cd, a water bottle cap, super glue, and balloons!  Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose … Love it!  Happy Earth Day 2010!!

Reuse/Recycle: Bird Feeder Project

April 6th, 2010
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square bird feeder[PHOTO CREDIT:]

How great is this (especially in light of the fact that Earth Day is April 22nd)?  The website is hosting an “Ultimate Reuse Challenge” over the next 3 weeks.  The specifics for the contest entries are stated on their website:

“Because plastics are one of the most abundant materials in the waste stream, our task was to create and reuse a specific type of plastic in an original, funny or creative manner.”

Matt Saling’s two projects, made from old cd cases and super glue, were among the first entries!  We think they are adorable … what great birdfeeders!!  There’s a square version and a triangle version!!

triangular bird feeder

We love creative people and the clever ways they use our products!!  Fixing, repairing, and reusing old items by turning them into something new, are just some of the amazing things that can be done with our instant adhesives.

I don’t know about you, but I (your Super Glue blogger) have always wondered if birds really like going into those tiny holes in regular bird houses …. these CD structures look much more open and free 🙂 … Our only recommendation would be to use our Plastic-Fuse(R) product any time you are trying to bond plastics (the primer will help ensure an excellent bond with almost all plastics – including previously recycled plastics, often challenging to regular super glues).

Check out the Ultimate Reuse Challenge blog post for more information about this contest!

Check out the EPA website for more information about Earth Day 2010!

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Science Fair Project Ideas

April 6th, 2010
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It’s Spring and Science Fairs are in the air!  Sometimes the hardest thing about participating in a science fair is deciding what project to do. 

Some teachers like Mr. J. Williams, in his Our Life In Room 2 blog, are good about giving students some helpful project ideas to get them started.  Check out the way Mr. J. Williams suggests comparing super glues, or figuring out which materials super glue works best on, as possible science project ideas for his students. 

Over the years readers have shared their super glue related science project results with us:  Testing the strength of super glue (constructing balsa wood bridges, etc.); figuring out which super glue works best for different substrate bonds; comparing Super Glue Corporation’s products to the competition’s — whatever it may be —  we love seeing these young researchers hypotheses and results! 

If you, or your students, need some super glue samples to get started with your projects — let us know!  We have a limited supply of product set aside to donate to this excellent cause.  Just click on this link to send your request.  Be sure to tell us how old you are (using Super Glue products requires adult supervision so we can only send products to people over the age of 21); where you go to school; what your hypothesis is; and which of our super glue products you need to conduct your experiments.  Supplies are limited, but we want to help you out if we can.  We’d also like permission to be able to possibly share your results with readers in our blog!  Good Luck and Happy Researching!!

Clever Language Arts Project

April 6th, 2010
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Here’s a super clever language arts project idea encouraging students to use all kinds of media while building vocabulary at the same time!  The finished product is a great Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day) gift!  Maria Isabel, on her Teaching English blog, does an awesome  job of communicating how to do the project – She also does a great job of helping readers understand what concepts are being taught during the project … great information for you teachers out there!

Basic Instructions:

  • Take digital, individual pictures of students
  • Convert the photos to pencil sketches (she gives you websites to help with this step)
  • Color the sketches
  • Paint puzzle pieces
  • Frame projects using super glue

Check out Maria Isabel’s Teaching English blog to see a slide show of the finished projects.  Any mom or dad would be thrilled to receive one of these unique drawings of their child as a gift!  They’d be even more excited to know how much their child learned while making the “art” project!

Nice job, Maria Isabel!  You sound like a great teacher!!!