RC Scale Model Building Provides History Lesson and Fun

January 18, 2010 by Super Glue Corporation Leave a reply »
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[Photo Credit:  Great Planes Super Stearman ARF]

World recognized scale builder, Dick Pettit, details every step involved with building this Radio Control (RC) scale model Super Stearman in his article.  It’s incredible the patience, time and attention to detail involved with building these RC scale models, but you will recognize it as a labor of love when you go to the site.

The original Stearman training planes were built between 1933 and 1945 serving the Navy and Army during World War II and later.  According to Pettit’s article and Aviation Enthusiast Corner,  “Many still fly today as prized antiques.”

To construct the airplane, Pettit started with the Great Planes Super Stearman ARF kit. 

Pettit says these additional items were needed for completion:

  • 2-stroke or 4-stroke .91-1.20 cu in (15-19.5cc) engine,
  • Prop
  • Fuel Tubing
  • Basic Hand Tools
  • Adhesives (Pacer and Zap adhesive products were used)
  • 4-channel radio w/5-7 servos, standard (do not need “quarter scale” servos)

We are amazed by the hours spent constructing and flying these planes and the attention to detail these enthusiastic hobbyists employ.  What a great way to learn about and preserve history while having fun, too!


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