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Counting Down to the New Year!

December 28th, 2009
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Photo Credit:  Linknew years 2010

Happy New Year, Everyone! 

Here are a couple of countdown clock links for you: EarthCam and

Thanks for sticking with The Original Super Glue, ZAP, Pacer, Bondini, Pro Seal, and Front Porch Treasures for all your adhesives needs!  We’ll continue Adhering to Excellence in the New Year!!  Happy, Happy!!

Winter Challenge: Preserve a Snowflake!

December 28th, 2009
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snowflake_485[Photo Credit:  Makezine via ]

Here’s a challenge for those of you living in cold country!  Try preserving a real snowflake!  Apparently, according to a blog post by David Pescovitz, “Icelandic chemist Tryggvi Emilsson came up with a way to “preserve” the structure of snowflakes using superglue and microscope slides. The snowflake seen here has been stored in Emilsson’s desk since 1979.”   We’d love to hear from you if you can recreate this amazing feat! 

The key seems to be maintaining the chill factor throughout the entire process.  Start by setting the microscope slides and superglue outside when it’s 20 degrees or colder.  Then catch a snowflake in a drop of super glue and place it on the microscope slide.  Note:  Be sure to use the lower viscosity, runny, super glue rather than the gel variety.  Then gently put another chilled microscope slide on top.  Don’t press too hard or allow the warmth of your finger to melt the snowflake.  Finally, leave the snowflake slide in your freezer for another one to two weeks.  Do not touch it with warm hands in the meantime.  (You can find the precise instructions on the other links in this blog post.)

Let us know if you manage to preserve a snowflake.  We’d love to hear from you!

Reindeer Craft Idea

December 18th, 2009
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Reindeer Ornament[Photo Credit:  Babyccino Kids Blog]

Looking for last minute craft projects to keep the kids (relatives and houseguests, too:) happy and busy during these final days before Christmas? 

Here’s a terrific idea that is fun for everyone to make and really useful, too!

Charming Reindeer ……

They can be attached to large, or small, Christmas trees and used as ornaments or tied on gifts as package toppers!

All ages will enjoy the process of creating these clever little reindeer!

The entire project is described in detail on the Babyccino Kids Blog but here’s what you’ll need to get started (all available at Michael’s Craft Stores according the blog’s author, Courtney):

*Non-Roll Clothespins (2 for each)

*Paint (Brown & White)


*Super Glue

*Googly Eyes (small)

*Red Pom-Poms (small)

*Thin Green Ribbon

*Little Bells (optional)

Happy Crafting!!

Extreme Gift Idea May Launch Passionate New Hobby!

December 15th, 2009
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FTE_TG_2010_Web_ad [Photo Credit: Frank Tiano Enterprises]

Looking for an extreme gift idea for your creative engineer this holiday season? How about this? Wrap up a radio control, scale, model airplane kit for your loved one (age 10 – 100) to design, construct, and fine-tune during the cold, winter months. Include an airplane ticket or two, with accomodations, to the Top Gun “Invitation Only” competition in sunny Lakeland, Florida April 28 – May 2, 2010.  There you, and your lucky gift recipient, will witness the best in class in model aviation.

You actually forget you’re watching radio controlled models as custom-designed, precise, reduced-to-scale, model aircraft perform maneuvers, loops, fly-bys and more; taking off and landing on an actual landing strip.  Judges, who are experts in the field, determine the category winners and ultimately award the biggest prize to the “Top Gun” of the year. It is an amazing event and Pacer Technology, maker of Zap adhesives, has been a proud sponsor of the event since its inception. For more information on this exciting event visit Frank Tiano Enterprises . We know their team of experts can set you up with an exciting adventure filled gift/hobby in time for the holidays!

To get an idea of what kind of interest your extreme gift might spark check out this video from last year’s event:

TOY Cupcakes

December 11th, 2009
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Toy Cupcakes [Photo Credit: Princessi Stitch & Bitch Blog]

Check out these incredibly beautiful TOY Cupcakes!!! The blog author (Pyrrha) created these amazing pretend treats for (we assume) her child’s kindergarten class to use in their play kitchen! There are more up-close photos on the blog and she also describes, in detail, how to make the cupcakes. We were amazed at how much super glue was used in creating these masterpieces!”

Here are some of the details available on the blog: “I sewed on beads, sequins and used fabric paints to decorate the tops, as “icing”. I tried to sew the beads on as firmly as possible, using a doubled thread, sewing through the bead up to three times, and then knotting the thread on the reverse. Hopefully this means that if one does come off then the others won’t follow! The tops are cotton, with appliqued “icing”. They are stuffed with scraps from cotton/bamboo quilt batting, and then are superglued into silicon cupcake baking moulds. I went through 5 tubes of superglue to make 12 cupcakes – wow.”

We sure admire the creativity and appreciate the fact that super glue was used in such a clever way!

Reuse Old CDs Using Super Glue & Lights!

December 11th, 2009
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cdtree02 [Photo Credit: Rob’s World Blog] How much fun is this clever creation? We found this great idea on Rob’s World Blog. He recycled old cds into this beautiful Christmas decoration! All it took was cds, super glue, and some Christmas lights. Trendy and earth friendly … now that’s the spirit!

Miracle “Super Glue” Used To Save Sick Child’s Life

December 3rd, 2009
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In an amazing report by MSNBC news, on December 3rd, doctors are reporting that a special form of super glue is being used to treat a formerly life threatening brain condition. The condition causes blood vessels, veins, and arteries to leak causing swelling on the brain. The revolutionary super glue is used to plug the leaks. According to the report, fifty children have already been treated and “cured” by this special super glue.

Check out this incredible super glue story:

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