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Practical Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

November 30th, 2009
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2009 is a great year to come up with some creative, fun, PRACTICAL, inexpensive, thoughtful gift ideas for your loved ones! Here are just a few ideas we came up with for the gardener, the fashionista, the car detailer, the one who likes to “Be Prepared” and the crafter! … There are many more ideas out there! We challenge you to come up with some super ideas incorporating any of The Original Super Glue products, send us pictures and you may win free samples. We wish you and yours a happy December filled with love and lots of holiday creativity and spirit!!






DSCN0015 Remember send us your practical holiday gift ideas using The Original Super Glue Products and you may win free samples!

Great Holiday “Good Deed” Project Ideas!

November 30th, 2009
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Super Good Deed Cars Img1314 Awhile ago teacher, Robert Hazard, from Kennedy High School in Granada Hills, California sent us these super pictures. Robert’s Industrial Arts Classes made these amazing wooden cars and trucks using The Original Super Glue epoxies, wood and some hard labor! The class then donated the wooden toys to disadvantaged children in the Los Angeles area. We thought this was a super idea! Our hats are off to Robert Hazard and his students for their holiday spirit!!Super Good Deed Trucks Img1313

Trophy Repair! Another reason to keep super glue handy …

November 18th, 2009
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Dylan's Trophy

[Photo Credit: “Our Little Circus” blog ]
Loved this photo and blog entry in the “Our Little Circus” blog. What a happy moment when all the team receives their soccer trophies! Can’t beat the joy … and often … a few minutes later … the pain – when in the chaos of the moment the trophy gets dropped and breaks apart. Michelle, the mom and author of the blog, writes: “And exactly three minutes after this photo was taken, Dylan’s trophy fell on the floor and the head broke right off. Super glue saved the day and we ended another soccer season on a high note.”

This is a perfect reason for keeping super glue handy at all times! Restore those smiles in an instant!! Smart moms know these things ūüôā Way to go, Michelle!!

Customer Service Challenges …

November 12th, 2009
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This story should give you a chuckle . . . . . It cracked us up!

Everyone knows that great customer service is paramount¬†to the success of¬†great companies … more often than not patience and a sense of humor are what set great customer service¬†people apart from average customer service people.¬†¬†Our customers are so important to us at¬†Super Glue Corporation that we have been known to go above and beyond to provide superior service.

We had to laugh when we saw this story, and while it sounds a little unbelieveable we have confirmed that the following (or something very similar) really did happen Рwe just never had confirmation of the fact that the caller was actually messing with us before now:

Apparently, stand up comedian, Paul Rosa, got an idea to¬†play a prank on some of¬†America’s biggest, most well-known¬†companies, and then write a book about what he did and how the companies responded.¬† According to this review, “Misery Loves Companies“,¬†you can read Rosa’s book, Idiot Letters,¬†and find¬†“87 purposely lug-headed letters he’s penned to companies and their even dopier responses-and see how he’s messed with the minds of some of America’s biggest businesses.”

One of the stories reveals how he contacted Super Glue Corporation complaining that “he was housebound and unable to shop for food because he was ‘sitting with one hand hopelessly adhered to a portion of a large ceramic vase’.”¬† Super Glue Corporation’s response¬†was to send him¬†“a loaf of bread”!¬†

Now, this was a long time ago and¬†we’re sure¬†customer service also¬†directed him to whatever version of our standard “Removing Super Glue” response (pamphlet or web page)¬†that¬†was available at the time … but we¬†have to laugh at¬†how the customer service team responded by trying to help satisfy his immediate need for food as well¬†;)!

Kudos to all of you customer service people, and corporations, who handle challenging calls and situations all day long РMay you always continue to take the high road when it comes to taking care of your customers!

Good Advice: Removing keys stuck with super glue

November 11th, 2009
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ebay-127[Credit: La Jolla Mom]

Here’s a great story about¬†cause and effect¬†ūüôā …. La Jolla Mom¬†recently wrote about a problem she was forced to solve related to super glue (which was being used initially for creative purposes)!¬† Her blog post is titled “If Your Husband Puts Your Keys In A Pile Of Super Glue, Here’s How To Get It Off” and her acetone solution is perfect – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

She writes that her husband (La Jolla Dad) “was making a very cool spider Halloween decoration and super glueing eyeballs onto balloons …He was doing it over a piece of paper on the kitchen island and somehow my keys wound up on top of it.”

Check out her blog post for how, exactly, she solved the problem!  Removing super glue with acetone is an excellent solution (for more information, and details on how to remove super glue click on this link)!

Hooray for Accolades! Glue Tape Dispenser ROCKS!

November 11th, 2009
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Creative Home Arts COVERCreative Home Arts[Source:¬† Today’s Creative Home Arts Magazine Nov/Dec 2009]

Super Glue Corporation’s Front Porch Treasures(R) brand GLUE TAPE DISPENSER was recently awarded¬†the Member Tested and Recommended “Seal of Approval” from Today’s Creative Home Arts Magazine.

Earning a near perfect 96% Approval Rating and 98% Price Point Approval the GLUE TAPE DISPENSER won rave reviews for its design, performance, appearance, ease of use, clarity of instructions and quality.¬† This recommendation is extremely important to The Original Super Glue as¬†Creative Home Arts Club member testers are artists and crafters who really know what they are looking for as they judge and recommend products for their seal of approval.¬† We really value these testers’ comments and feedback.

Super Glue Corporation offers an array of adhesives under the Front Porch Treasures(R) brand.  All are perfect for scrapbooking and other arts and crafts projects.

Check out this video:

Front Porch Treasures Product Knowledge Video from Super Glue Corporation on Vimeo.

Bare Essentials …

November 9th, 2009
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Did you ever dream of¬† leaving all of your burdens behind, packing up your essential belongings (and loved ones), and hitting the road in your RV?¬† Well, one family the Munch’s are doing just that … Paul, Michelle and their daughter, River, are traveling around the country, living in their RV, and blogging about their experiences.¬†

We were interested by Michelle’s posting about “Three RV Living Essentials: duct tape, super glue, and a good sense of humor!”¬† What a great compliment to be included in her list of essentials!

Another interesting statement in this¬†fascinating blog is the following:¬† “I have learned that we didn’t really need about 95 percent of the ‘stuff’ we had in our house.”¬†

Isn’t that so true?

We wish the Munch family all the best on their journey!

Fun With Balsa and Glue!

November 9th, 2009
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Balsa Glider

[Credits:  Popular Mechanics, Ben Hewitt, Jeff Mermelstein and Dogo]

Hi-Tech is great and we know how much young people love to play video games, but once in awhile it pays¬†to go back to some good old fashioned creativity¬†for¬†fun.¬† We saw this great idea for making balsa wood gliders and thought we’d share it with our readers.¬†

Here’s all you need according to the Popular Mechanics article:

1.)   1/16 Р3/32 in. Balsa Sheets and Fuselage (balsa or pine rot)

2.)  Wood Glue or Super Glue (depending on the set time you require)

3.)  Sand Paper for fine tuning your wings

What about preparing a kit with the items above as a gift¬†for your child or grandchild this holiday season? … Toss in a couple of¬†hours of your precious time to help construct the glider and find a¬†park or vacant lot where you can fly it together …¬†now THAT’S special and¬†fun, too!

finished glider

[Photo Credit: Jeff Mermelstein]

More Reasons To Keep Super Glue With You At All Times ;)

November 9th, 2009
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The new movie 2012 coming out on Friday, November 13th is a good reminder of why it’s¬†important to keep super glue with you at all times!¬† You just never know what might come up that needs fixing …. might be a good idea to keep a couple of 12-packs with you at all times – original¬†and gel that is¬†ūüėČ

Kelp Sculptor Shares Secret Ingredient (shhh!…it’s super glue!)

November 3rd, 2009
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Vicky Y. [Credit:  Sealight Kelp Sculpture] is a fan of The Original Super Glue  products and recently she kindly shared the following story (and secret) with us! Vicky sculpts kelp and seaweed washed up on the Oregon Shores. She creates artifacts like baskets, figures, and even lamps using the kelp! Her secret ingredient? Super Glue!

Vicky says, “When kelp is wet it is like leather and super glue has an affinity with it. When it is dry kelp feels like wood or plastic and the glue adheres to it just as well. I can work fast, don’t have to hold it in place and shellac sprayed at the end covers any glue bubbles.”

We say… AMAZING!