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Halloween Pumpkin Votives!

September 28th, 2009
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Halloween Votive 1

Super Glue Corporation’s own Vicky V, and her family, had fun making these Halloween Votives using Super Glue Products. First, they cut strips of yellow and orange tissue paper and using a paint brush coated them onto glass jars using decoupage glue. Then they used lock ’em down to glue the pumpkin faces on the jars. Finally, they placed small votive candles inside the jars … creating festive glass pumpkin votives!! A creative and fun way to light the way for trick or treaters and other visitors this Halloween!

Gecko Grip Similar to Super Glue

September 17th, 2009
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Isn’t nature amazing?? The gecko’s grip is similar to super glue! Check out this video from New Scientist:

NCIS – Super Glue

September 9th, 2009
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Now, mind you, we’re not condoning what they did with the super glue … but we love the show & appreciate the mention!!!  [Tip: To remove super glue use ACETONE!  Looks like they did the right thing there ….]

Young Adult Engineers Need Super Glue!

September 3rd, 2009
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[Photo Credit:  Boy Scouts of America]

It’s September and school is starting! A time when Odyssey of the Mind groups begin and science teachers introduce the criteria for science fair projects and Science Olympiad – even though the actual events may not happen for quite some time, a lot of planning is required for those winning designs.   It’s also a time of year when many scouting and afterschool groups  kick off their year long activities.  It’s all creative and lots of fun!

Pinewood Derby events have been around for decades and kids (and parents) really get into the planning and preparation involved with coming up with those winning designs.  Here is a funny story from one of our customers, Rita, who told about some of the trials and tribulations involved with building her son’s third place finishing car:

“I never realized how great super glue worked until I had to help my son make a derby car for Boy Scouts.  The super glue worked so well that our hands were stuck together and still after two weeks my son accidentaly glued a washer and a nut to my wooden dining room table.  The good news is my son came in third place with his Derby car and I almost have the nut and washer off my table.  So hats off to super glue, glue that finally works.”

[Blogger’s Note:  Finding a glue that actually works (as Rita describes above) is tricky.  White glues and glue sticks made just for kids often lack the strength necessary for intricate, engineering-based projects.  Super Glue Corporation’s ACCUTOOL (original formula) and (gel formula) would be the  best super glue product for young adults to use UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION.  Cyanoacrylates are GREAT glues, but they are dangerous for young people to use – so we only suggest they be used under the conditions described above where young people are creating and learning under adult supervision.  Super Glue Corporation product designers designed the ACCUTOOL dispenser to have pinpoint accuracy allowing you to apply the glue exactly where you want it with much less mess than traditional super glue tubes.  Conscientious teachers and leaders may want to have the ACCUTOOL available for those projects requiring instant set times and strength.]

Fly Tying Tip

September 3rd, 2009
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jpd-manureva[Photo Credit: Fly Tying World]

Paul is one of several customers who have written in to tell us how much they like our super glue products for fly fishing, and in particular, fly tying.  Here’s what he told us:

“I’m a ‘fly tier’.  Tying hundreds and hundreds of fishing flies every year, I had to find a way to shorten many ‘tying steps’, without running the risk of ruining quality.  So, I began sealing my flies, after tying off the thread at the end, with Super Glue!  It’s extremely fast drying, and holds better than the conventional ‘fly tier’s knot’, also making my flies far more durable and longer lasting.”

Custom Tap Shoes & Super Glue

September 1st, 2009
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Glitter Tap Shoes[Photo Credit:  Shoe Dish]

Ok, we could not resist sharing this amazingly cool idea with you.  Custom tap shoes using glitter and super glue.  The original blog post suggests using either a regular white glue like ours or for speed and strength they suggest a super glue.  Glitz and glamour will surely add a kick to your tap dancing skills – Go for it!